Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Haiboo's

Blood torn, hacked fingers
mandolin trashed
chunky cheese will do

Spirits rise in darkness
never seeing tall trees
souls spatter the ground

Halloween kisses
temporary sweetness
on a blackened tongue

Shrieks from the outhouse
goblins scurry laughing
pinecones replaced newspaper

Bats, spiders, rats
smoke rises, nostrils twitch
Igor cooks tonight

Tombstones creak and moan
bonie fingers grasp air
bassist needed in the graveyard

Creatures hide in shadows
larger then life
til dawns' illumination

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Cold Evil Makes Its Way

Day quickly hides,
as night wakes early
enveloping the earth
under a cloak of blackness
warning us of the onslaught.

Trees quake and shiver,
their armour shed
leaving spear like branches
to fend off the intruder
as its warriors draw near.

Sun loses her brilliance,
subtly drawing a veil
over her rays to protect herself
while withdrawing south
no longer having a battles strength .

Leaves coiled in deaths grasp,
once vibrant colours
faded become shattered
skeletons of their former life
left to seep into the earth.

Brilliant flora now broken,
and bitter from the lick
of a frozen tongue
crumbles into dust
leaving outlines on the ground.

Indentations in the grass,
hardened icy steps
prove its existence
marching to the field
where warmth and cold battle.

Something wicked this way comes,
we become a frozen landscape
while nature locked in such forlornness
leaves one to seek refuge
til natures strength is renewed.

I wrote this for the Something Wicked This Way Comes challenge at The Inferno. Do pop on over to read ponderings from a wonderful group of writers. And if me coding is up to scratch you can click The Inferno and poof away ye go.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Darkness becomes her

Darkness becomes her
as its cloak wraps securely
spirits need their time
having fought during summer
against the sun.

Silent tears
wiped away by raindrops
on bare face
brings warmth to the lost soul
stumbling about this earth.

Thunder shudders the night
yet not her thoughts
she is at home with nature
the one true
in her life.

Lights should be extinguished
solace of the bed be found
but there are footsteps
in her soul
needing a path.

Will light bring answers
she thinks not
no one but her will answer
the questions
not dared to ask.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Looking out my office window...

Soft sun wakes and yawns
Stars fade wrapping into sleeps cloak
Tendrils of mist languidly rise off the river
Dogs walk their owners in shadow
Scarlet Sumac shines against green of bush
Frogs seek solace in the river bank dirt
Maples rimmed with gold shimmers
Beaver slaps warning to early joggers
Pampas Grass sways along the tow path
Crows gather in the Elms
Virginia Creeper creeps around poles
Reeds shake in the rivers current
Juncos breakfast in cups of Wild Dill
Pale green Cucumber Vines smothers Buckthorn
Deer silently steps in dew kissed grass

Then the phone rings…