Friday, October 02, 2009

Looking out my office window...

Soft sun wakes and yawns
Stars fade wrapping into sleeps cloak
Tendrils of mist languidly rise off the river
Dogs walk their owners in shadow
Scarlet Sumac shines against green of bush
Frogs seek solace in the river bank dirt
Maples rimmed with gold shimmers
Beaver slaps warning to early joggers
Pampas Grass sways along the tow path
Crows gather in the Elms
Virginia Creeper creeps around poles
Reeds shake in the rivers current
Juncos breakfast in cups of Wild Dill
Pale green Cucumber Vines smothers Buckthorn
Deer silently steps in dew kissed grass

Then the phone rings…


  1. WHO was it ????

    LOLOL .... Howdy from Hollydale :-)

  2. Someone wanting me to work at work, magine dat! hehehehe
    hugs you, Cheryl :)

  3. phone rings,,, hehehehehe. Wasn't me, I think,,,:-)

  4. A dreamy morn Rogue, hehehe :O


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