Sunday, July 25, 2010

O Luna

I see you peeking thru the trees
your reflection in The Pond
smiling back at me
with no other in sight.

Are you flirting with me
O man in the moon
or asking me to dance
while you shine so bright.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Gots Babbbbbbiessssss !!!

Well, well, well, will wonders never cease this summer. When we last left off Firth had hopped into The Pond. Soon after, he was joined by Frogue. Two rather handsome frogs spending their days sunning on the rocks, swimming together, and even cuddling in the pennywort. The only thing I didn’t see them do was hopscotch. Not to say they didn’t, just that I never saw them.

Last weekend they disappeared and I was quite concerned because Rockii the neighbourhood racoon had been visiting and we know what its favourite food is. Little did I know those two had hopped off for a weekend get away. Now I understand why.

So far I’ve counted 18 wee frogs, woooooooo hooooooooooo, I gots babies !!! They are perfectly formed (not unlike poor Jack Sparrow a few years ago who had only one eye and swam in circles), and could easily sit on a loonie with room to spare.

They spend the day sitting on the stones surrounding The Pond, floating on the water lettuces and just having froggie fun. I can always tell when there’s a creature near by as the Plop! Plop! Plop! from their jumping into the water echoes thru the garden. Watching them I’m reminded of new born lambs trying out their legs, kicking and prancing thru a meadow.

Firth did return and he is now named Firthess ‘cause it’s kinda fitting. She spends most of her day on the throne watching over her brood. Where Frogue is, only he knows. Perhaps he hopped off to a less noisy pond.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sun of A Gun

Doris schlepped her way into the kitchen still half asleep from another one of "those" nights. Her yellow flannel pajama's, with the goldfish blowing bubbles out of twisted mouths, were drenched from the nights sweat.

She opened the fridge door, sighing as the cool air tickled her body. Reaching into the usual spot, her hand found nothing. Then her hand thumped over a casserole dish and tupperware holding last nights’ supper but still no carton! Heart beating faster Doris peered in and shook at the gaping sight.

"Alllllrightttttttttttt !!! Who took MY soy milk !?!?!"

Hearing something gag, she spun around to see Fred spewing his coffee onto the linoleum floor.

"What the hell Doris ! That was soy milk ? No wonder the coffee tasted so bad. Why can't you just drink normal milk like the rest of us."

"Normal milk, NORMAL MILK ?!? Do I happen to look like I need NORMAL milk ?!?"

Fred, being the ever loving husband of 30 years knew better then to answer, and instead offered to make her breakfast; her favourite pancakes, poppy seed pancakes, like the ones he had just finished. The carbs will comfort her he thought.

Reaching into the pantry, he pulled out the glass container and this time put on his glasses. Oh dear, she’s not going to like this news.

“I’m sorry old girl, we seem to have run out of poppy seeds”, shaking the bottle at her, wondering what he used earlier.

Fred didn’t have much of a chance to think. Doris’s flaxseed container was quite empty, shattering hard as it fell to the floor from Fred’s limp hand. The impact of the iron skillet left a round indentation in his head, while fracture lines radiated around his skull.

“Well, sun of a gun” Doris mumbled staring at her dear Fred crumpled on the floor. “I thought that skillet was T-Fal.”

This was written for a challenge at The Inferno and all names have been changed to protect the guilty. har har

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I Begonia Enjoy You

I know, I know. I was self banned from one nursery but I didn't say all of them. Just look at those glorious colours ! Perfect for the shaded patio. This forgotten one needed a home and I knew just the place. Uh hunnhhh. Sssshhhhhh, I'm sure I'll hear about it later :D

Friday, July 02, 2010

Embrace Me Summer Breeze

Embrace me summer breeze
wrap me in your tendrils lifting me up
so I may tiptoe amongst clouds
to soothe these weary feet.

Embrace me summer breeze
float me over the kaleidoscopic landscape
of poppy fields red, lavender hedges
and sunflowers kissed by the sun.

Embrace me summer breeze
twirl me in swaying lush treetops
that I may sing to the nestlings
a lullaby hushed and sweet.

Embrace me summer breeze
let me slide over a rainbow
surrounding myself in its colours
vibrant and exotic as saris.

Embrace me summer breeze
cool this exhausted body
from a sweltering day
caressing me into sleep from the heat.

Embrace me summer breeze
give me wings so I may
kiss the man in the moon
for illuminating the path all these years.

Embrace me summer breeze
Embrace me…

Another wee ditty written for The Inferno.