Sunday, July 25, 2010

O Luna

I see you peeking thru the trees
your reflection in The Pond
smiling back at me
with no other in sight.

Are you flirting with me
O man in the moon
or asking me to dance
while you shine so bright.


  1. This poem is beautiful! Love your work.And the post below -
    Sounds like we have the same pond! We didn't run the pump for our waterfall this year, froglets abound.Froglets? (When it gets cooler they pile up on each other in the sun like they are playing "pig pile". I love frogs.)
    Your writings are so much fun to read!

  2. I just love the moon inspired writings of a ponderer. Wonderfully fun and lively.

  3. Hiya Gail :D I'm so glad you hopped over. I like the word froglets. People stare when I refer to my babbbbbies, hehehe.

    O Luna was an ode to the full moon week past. It was gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Eric ! I watched him for abit and the words just flowed. I've always found the moon magical.


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