Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wild - Haiku

winds have been silenced
yet distant call of the owls
are heard by these ears

marshlands replenished
home to beasts seeking shelter
from mans storms so wild

this night so silent
doors locked and windows closed
stillness creeps on thru

winters’ wilderness
forgotten in the garden
springs forth in colour

run with the wild wolves
free from harnesses of man
released of burdens

Penned for Wild at Theme Thursday

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am Home

Pull back the mouldy leaves, gently from my tender blacken skin.
Allow me to breathe in fresh air once again, to fill my lungs.
Replenish my summer home, the water now stagnant and cold.
Let me live again for I am home, home in The Pond, giver of life.

Friday, April 06, 2012

A Sight to Behold

As the Pink Full Moon rises I harken back to the dawn of the day. Up and out by 5 am, on me morn walkie, my path lit by the yawning Seven Sisters fading, seeking their bed. I search the sky for a sign.

Allow me to digress. Early morning walks are important to me, are a part of me, and dare I say never cross my path during my sojourn in this sleepy town. It’s my time, down time, while I renew my self before a hectic day.

As I walked along one crisp morn I glanced up at the sky, which I’m prone to do, and spotted a brilliant light moving west to east. Being a skywatcher for years I already knew I live in Vector 37 and air travel is south to north. Hhhmmmmm I thought at the light still moving.

I hurried home, logged in and went to one of me faves, Yes, I’m addicted. Clicked on the Flybys link, entered my postal code and saw it. Aha! At that exact time ISS was flying over me. Wow! The International Space Station and I could see it from this wee place on planet earth. Well it became a challenge. From then on, I searched the heavens and was always delighted to see it passing by even seeing the familiar H form one lucky morn.

Fast forward………this morn I stopped to stretch in the drive and scanned. Ooooooo, there ya are! High above I could see it, ISS. It had a yellowish glow, and was moving faster then I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it was rushing to say hello to the sun as she woke, her aura reflecting on it. One never knows what goes on up there out of our sight. ;)