Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fifteen Fun Years

The Pond is 15 years old this year. It began as a “I need a project because the garden has become boring” thought. That thought took on a life of its own. In two months I located, dug, dug, and dug some more, researched, moved shrubs, laid liner and laid stones; everything a novice needed to learn by actually doing.

To say The Pond has been a life changer is an understatement. It's my Eden, my sanctuary when life gets too much and I need a reprieve. There's a serenity about it; calm water with orbs floating around blown by the summers breeze; bird and frog songs are the only sounds; and plants every shade of green on this earth.

It has taught me how to create a safe haven for the wild that take residence in and around it. Frogs of every shape and shade, and toads. One summer I was blessed to find a young snapper floating in it. To think she walked from the river, crossed a busy street, probably fended off a few cats, and settled in startled me, and humbled me. She was returned to the river and bid safe journey.

I have woken sleeping frogs in spring while cleaning it. Who knew they hibernated in the sand! I didn't. So its also become a teacher and me its enthusiastic student. It has also taught me to enjoy just being. With a journal in hand I can sit for hours scribbling my thoughts, feelings, views, if you wish, my ponderings. It enabled me to self publish a book during this time. Something I would never have thought of before.

This special anniversary year I intend to post a few of the residents that never became famous. Starting with this one shot last October, wrapped in leaves warding off autumns chill. Perhaps we'll meet in spring when it awakes.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wind chimes - Haibun

This night is quiet
without music, other than
the gentle wind chimes

Years ago I purchased a wind chime. I tested the sound in the shop before I bought it. Yes, I am one of those who stroke chimes in shops. I need to hear its tones. Are they too sharp, too tinny, too verbose? I'm sure it drives other shoppers mad but one must listen to the tones musn't one before deciding just which one brings pleasure to ones ears.

I was apprehensive about hanging them in the pergola. Wondering if the too close neighbours would complain. Then I had an epiphany! They have no care to others feelings when they run their mowers and whippers at all hours of the day and night so why should I care for what they think. Besides they live in climate controlled houses. Their windows are never open when the fresh air could blow through. They are as stuffy as their homes.

Tonight I listen to these chimes singing in winters wind. Wild, carefree yet melodic. Its song reminds me of a summers breeze, lilting, singing to my soul of days soon to be enjoyed. The bedroom window is open, just a crack, and I shall wander off into dreamland with the song of summer warming my soul.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Crunch of Cold - Haiku

lone walker at night,
bundled in wool hears nothing
but the crunch of cold