Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I AM a Thrifty Gardener

This story begins on a chilly October Saturday in 2010. I was preparing dinner and surfing channels when I came across Recreating Eden, one of my all time favourite shows. Listening to the narrator introduce the focus of the show I dropped the spatula and scurried to the living room where I sat and listened. The interviewee was Marjorie Harris, an authority of gardening in Canada.

I was captivated with Marjorie’s words. Thinking to myself she gets it ! She really gets it ! Gardening is tending and nurturing plants but it is creative as well, yessssssssssss. I felt as if my garden designs had been validated. I am a creator! What a breath of fresh air she was in that interview.

Performing a quick search I found her web site, fired off a quick email thanking her for being her. A few hours later I was stunned that Marjorie had replied. Wow, here’s a woman who is inundated with work and she took the time to respond. That really, how should I say, blew me away.

We corresponded for months and she told me about her latest book project of thrifty gardening and I thought do I have some suggestions for you! So I picked me brain and explained in great detail of what I’ve done over the years to make mine that special place, my own Eden.

I won’t explain them all but if you look on page 211 at Summer Sails and wonder what do they look like here is a photo……

I recommend her book Thrifty Gardening to anyone tending to a present garden or those pondering what ever shall I do to turn this derelict corner into a place of enjoyment. The wealth of knowledge amazes me and even I’ve learned a few things. ;)

P.S. Being rather thrilled with my contributions they are also found on other pages. Thank you Marjorie for spreading the dirt on thrifty gardening.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Script - Haiku

letters bound with love
now vacant of emotion
invisible ink

invisible ink
longs for the touch of parchment
words scribbled anew

words scribbled anew
upon floating origami
script ends with serif

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