Friday, December 20, 2019

Winter Light - Haiku

after the blizzard
sun beams create snow prizms,
beauty from the storm

north wind blows upon
branches laden with crystals,
music to my soul

light in the forest
filtered through undergrowth,

Friday, December 13, 2019

Winters loss

While this year winds up I'm making time to reflect on those loved plants that were lost this past spring. Winter was hard, ice storm after ice storm that created layers of ice, some as 8” thick. Unfortunately, the shallow rooted plants did not survive. Most of those were plants I had cherished for years.

It wasn't until late spring that I realized the loss of Turtleheads, a beloved plant rescused from a derelict heritage property decades ago; Meadow-rue, an etheral plant with blossoms so delicate in star formation; the Toad Lilies I adored for their orchid blooms in autumn when the garden was waning; and not the least, Lenten Roses. Each plant had succumbed to the ice.

The herbacious shrub Auria, while prolific, was a slug for water. In our dry summers, it did not perform well. I was disappointed but not surprised, though I did miss those lemon hued leaves amongst the deep green of ostrich ferns.

Next spring the plan is to lay seeping hoses as soon as the frost evaporates. Each and every grouping will be wrapped so the loss will be less. It will be easier to accomplish as I will have time. Lack of time this year when everything in my life suffered may be recorded in another posting.

I've composted and up-heeled the newbies in the garden; refused to wrap the confirerous as if they don't make it here in this climate they won't make it anywhere; long passed pots of mums lay in repreive among the yews; and green thumbs are crossed.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Nest on High - Haiku

a home built on high
soon became a nursery
summer remnants

Friday, November 29, 2019


A clear, crisp night
snow covering the ground,
when silence is shattered
as a boom rocks the home
and darkness falls swiftly.
Electronics case their on-mode
and a chill permeates
through out the house.
Candles are lit,
another layer of woolens donned,
hot chocolate brewed and I wait...
Odd the street lamps remain lit
giving off a ghostly glow
while darkness covers the hood.
I want to burrow in bed
wrapped in blankets
yet there are clocks to reset,
alarms too, and reading by LED
removes the pleasure
of easing into slumber
yet I sit and ponder by candlelight.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Choir in the Hood

After two days of monsoon rain
neighbours exited their homes
into brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Soon after, those who sat out the rain,
staring out windows, watching the blizzard of leaves,
stood tall with one of the most annoying
contraptions ever invented...
the leaf blower.

Surrounded by the most gawd awful whirrr
I inserted ear plugs and grabbed a rake.
Humming, if only to drown out the noise ,
I wondered why? You rake, and pick up
those fallen so why not enjoy the zen.

After hours of listening my ears ache, my teeth ache.
And I'm two house away from the nearest Blower Baron.
I can't imagine what their heads feel like.

Perhaps I'll don my miners light and rake
under the moonlight in the still and quietness
of becoming one with autumns fallen.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Samhain - Haiku

Samhains passing with
revellery in autumns leaves,
silence surrounds stones

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Ode to the Wind-chimes

Teak rondelle and hammered copper tubes,
well threaded together creating harmonia;

the chimes hang from the pergola
and over the Pond, ever ready
to sing its song during the seasons...

Sing me a song
this warm summer day
when your elements clash,
metal against wood,
foretelling storms arrival

Sing me a song
this chilly autumn eve
as frost kissed leaves fall
silently weaving a carpet
of forest colours

Sing me a song
this bitter winter night
when your chimes,
frozen dull and hard,
remind me of summer breezes

Sing me a song
this refreshing spring afternoon
with tubes warmed by the sun
and once more I savour
your music of life...

Friday, October 25, 2019

Brake lights

brake lights from the street
illuminate maples leaves,
ablaze in the dark

There is an otherworldly light
when autumn leaves are lit
by vehicle brake lights.
Their colour, even in darkness,
becomes stronger, more vivid,
more alive, even though
they know their demise is near;
hanging on by a thin stem
shivering until that fatal frost
when their own lights
are braked and extinguished.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Autumn Leaves

the gardens summer bower
green leaves from maple, walnut and acacia,
growing into each others branches
have enveloped in autumns embraces
into a pattern of cut lace cloth
with body of umbres sunshine
their outline trimmed against the evening sky.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumn Arrives

last day of summer,
autumn crocuses in bloom
celebrate the change

Rescued from an abandoned garden
 these beauties spring forth late September.
  Someone who cared for them many years past
 now nurtures them in the present. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mr. El Grande Toadie

To celebrate what is left of July,  Mr EL Grande Toadie...

These creatures are predictors of weather.  If it's wet I'll never see one, but when it's hot and dry their presence is known.  Floating in the Pond during the day, and prowlling the garden at night.  This guy is obviously keeping the garden clean of bugs.  

Sunday, June 30, 2019

paint me Montes garden

paint me Montes garden
with waterlilies of lilac hue

and I'll share my ferns
coloured fronds brush-stroked
mauve, grey green and stems of aubergine
with subtly he would have adored

Monday, June 24, 2019

Reflection - Haiku

after the rain ends
orbs float upon still water
springs last reflection 

Friday, May 31, 2019


There are no forget-me-nots in the garden this year,
perhaps a sign of one who was loved beyond life
has now forgotten his love, after a wordless year.

Friday, May 10, 2019

May Day

May, tis such a succint
yet beautiful sounding word
rolling over the tongue
while we gaze upwards
in happiness of the blue skies;
while we gaze over the landscape
smothering in the greenery
as life breathes once again
on this spring May day. .

Thursday, May 02, 2019

springs unfurling - haiku

winters skin begins
its shed under springs warm sun
fronds slowly unfurl

April was a difficult month with horrid cold and ice and snow.  It left me standing with face pressed upon the patio door sighing.  May has arrived, winning old mans winter prolonged battle to remain, and finally there is relief; a relief of life renewed. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

spring song

a quiet night
for the Rev. Al Green
from speakers
front and back of home,
thumping out
rear windows
into the flooded garden,
tis that type of spring
as his joyous song
serenades me
while I unclog
the sump pump hose,
making the worse
a song of happiness

Saturday, March 23, 2019

As long as we remember

fingers swollen
from typing responses
as the reunion draws near,
everyone needs an answer
yet while I respond
their replies are vacant
not reading my own
while I'm trying to resurrect
lives of the past,
whiling a way that thought
but doesn't every life
need to be validated
to declare their existence
whether they lay
in earth succumbing to
becoming compost
or their ashes tossed
to the winds,
no matter,
their souls survive
as long as we remember...

Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring arrives

Spring winds blow briskly
leaving remnants
of ice and snowflakes strewn
upon the frozen ground.

The thoughts of old man winter
still permanent our souls,
never wanting to leave
fearing his loss will be missed.

We now rejoice in his defeat,
those icebound for months,
now regale in a higher sun
thawing the earth.

Fare thee well old man
a winter of our discontent,
for brighter, more sun shiny
days are ahead of us.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Sun kisses - Haiku

rising sun's warm rays
draws moisture out of snowbanks,
springs vampire kiss

Friday, February 08, 2019

Dance in The Moonlight

A gentle, soft eve
flakes falling ever so slowly
dancing in moonlight
surrounding The Pond

The Pond, well worn
around one edge
from the paws of creatures
seeking respite of their thirst.

Thirst, for nourishment
in the dead landscape
of barren Winters’
frozen earth needing warmth.

Warmth, bundled and safe
from the bitter North wind
blowing unforgiving
causing life to seek shelter.

Shelter, peace with oneself
gazing out through frosted glass
while the snow flakes
dance in moonlight.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

for Beth

My dearest Beth,

It has been a week since I was informed of your tragic passing. My heart still aches.  I will always cherish our friendship that began as kids and lasted these many decades. Through thick and thin we were there for each other.

The many missives over the years when you finally got e-mail. Even today I happened upon a site and thought O! Beth is going to.........then reality hit once again. I laugh when I think of your first texts. “Damnit Cheryl! Use capitals and proper punctuation! I'm old and can't understand a thing you typed!” Old me arse, you were ageless.

Our unplanned visits that turned into road trips that long outlasted my idea of a quick journey, well that was you. Keep driving and enjoy the journey. The artist studio tours we attended savouring and whispering critiques were special days. You thrived in their environment and I was envious of your creativity. I read the card you created for my special birthday and wept. To think of the hours you spent painting, writing, collaging that card just for me still touches my soul.

Our visits at your log home with your hubbie and own children. You always made everyone feel right at home. Why does the recollection of you arriving here with your daughter resplendent with her green hair come to mind. As I hhmmmed, you shrugged and laughed “kids today”. You raised your children right and I cry when I think your grand-daughter will never know what an awesome grannie you would have been.

The many hours we spent here at the Pond, discussing the garden and life. You always left with a trunk full of plants and later shared photos of them growing so well with your guidance. You certainly had a green thumb, make that two green thumbs for your own gardens were well known and admired by all who had the pleasure of enjoying them. I posted your most prized photo of your garden and the haiku I wrote for it. You smiled when I sent it back to you.

The endless discussions of fae and otherworldly creatures knowing we both believed. I dusted off Silas the gremlin you and Amber sculpted and gifted to me. It's in a place of honour in my home. Sharing shelf space with the mannnnnnnnnnnny frogs. I always laughed when opening a birthday gift as I knew it had to be a frog. Frogs balancing on lily pads, sitting in a yoga position, I got em all.

You always encouraged me to write and were so thrilled when I sent you my book of ponderings. Without your review 'cause mah grammer ain't always been great, it would have been a regretful project. The many press releases and letters you gleefully edited. And I will never forget you in cahoots with my brother to have Charles dedicate one of his books for me, well dear Beth, that holds a special place on my bookshelf. I've already begun re-reading it.

My quirks and eccentricities were understood by you and no other. Am I being selfish when I state there will never be another in my life who gets me the way you did. That fact causes me a greater sense of loss than no other loss of family or friends. It also scares me that I feel so alone. No one will ever take the place of you Beth. No. One.

I could write pages how grateful I am for having you in my life but you already knew that as does everyone who had the honour of knowing you. You leave a loving family and many, many friends realizing the loss of you in their lives. I grieve with them. While you will live on in our memories know they will never replace your presence.

To my sister of another mother, I miss your face...
With ever lasting love,