Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Infernal Pondering

I'm become a member of The Inferno. A fabulous group of ponderers, ummm writers. The first Dare was Curiousity Killed The Cat. Wellllllllllll, I couldn't resist knowing I had too many thoughts bouncing around in me head I needed to find that discipline I had before Spring arrived. This is my submission and I must admit I had fun. For some reason it flowed. Maybe I spent way too much time pondering this Summer ;) One of these days I will learn to code "the mousie over, click once and poof you're there" thingie so for now hop on over to The Inferno by looking over there -------> then scrolling down. Aye, it be a fine crew of wordlubbers.

I Pondered Too Long

Enh Enh Enh, shrieked the alarm clock shattering the calmness of the dark. Shit, did I set it last night? I’ve always woken up 6 minutes before the 4:26 am time anyways so why did I bother. I’ll be cranky all day now.

Rolling onto my back I felt a lump near me arse. Must be the pillows I bunched around me when I fell into bed I figured. That or it’s time to buy a new mattress as this one is rather worn and bumpy.

As I lay there my mind kept repeating snippets of the night. What in heavens name did I eat before bed time to have such thoughts. You have some imagination woman I thought so best to get up and be at it.

I groped for the lamp switch, heard the familiar click then nothing. Maybe one more click. Nope. Darkness remained. O well, I know this house like the back of my hand and have wandered about more times in the dark then I can count.

Tossing off the blankets I suddenly felt very chilly, almost clammy. Odd this time of year I thought, usually I’d be warm after being burrowed all night. I must have been really warm because my t-shirt was no where to be found.

Sitting up I felt a twinge in my back, which lessened once my legs swung out and over the edge. Standing up straight was not gonna happen. I was bent over from my knees right up thru to my shoulders. Crap! What is wrong with me this morning?

Well I can’t walk properly so might as well hop to the bathroom. Hop? Hop? Where the hell did that come from! I haven’t hopped since playing hopscotch as a wee one and I’m certainly not going to start again at this age.

Sliding my feet across the floor I noticed I had secure footings. Rather strange this, because my feet are always bare and I can grab dimes with me toes but not now. Perhaps because of the darkness I keep toes together, not wanting to wrap the babies around a chair leg. Yes that makes sense.

Feeling along the wall I found the light switch. A quick flip, and nothing. Up and down, up and down I flicked it and still no illumination to wake me. Good lord, that’s two for two. Did I change both bulbs months ago at the same time?

I reached the bathroom sink and grasped the taps. Hhmmmm, I can feel my fingertips touching each other. Having small hands and large taps I know this isn’t right but I need water and I need it bad.

I’m itching. I never itch, being blessed with good skin but now it feels dry, smooth, yet dry. Reaching the tub I grabbed the taps and twist opening them fully. The sound of running water relaxes me as if all was well. But it isn’t!

God my legs are heavy, my back aches so. Being hunched over, all I can do is sit on the rim and slide into the soothing water. This feels good as I slip under allowing myself to be completely submerged. Why do I feel the need to turn over bottom up?

My head pops up and I float, buoyant as a cork. The tub isn’t that deep. Yet I bob with feet and hands moving back and forth as if I were treading water. I’m confused as more snippets playback.

I turn over but can’t sit up, damn it! Is my back locked? All I can manage is floating on my side with knees drawn up. Why do I fit so easily in the tub, where normally all I could do was sit, and stretching was out of the question.

Rolling back I can easily pull my legs underneath me and sit up on haunches. O that feels so much better. But damn what a position to be in. Should I get out, that is if I can? There are so many thoughts in my head.

My stomach speaks hunger. Eyes shift to a fly on the window sill. I wonder what it tastes like? Would its wings stick in my teeth? The only bugs I’ve eaten were those wandering into an open sleeping mouth. My tongue flicks.

Concentrate woman I shout to no one but me. What were you doing last night? Reading, yes I read that book bought at the local second hand bookshop. Page worn, weather torn tome of an ancient craft. O shit!

Late summers eve, yes I remember sitting out by The Pond, reading by candlelight. While watching the creatures swim about. Did I say it? Out loud? I suddenly want to sink.

Slowly the sun rises softly lighting the house. Opening my eyes, I glance at my hands. I am freckled but this? These? I rub my eyes but eyelashes are non existent. Where’s my hair!!!!! My golden locks!!!!! There is nothing left.

I turn around towards the taps. I’ve always used them as a mirror, somewhat tarnished but reliable chrome. Staring back at me was not me. It was a creature I’ve come to know quite well all these summers. NOOOOOO, it can’t be. I can’t be!

An ole familiar song floats thru the open window. I hear you singing our song. O god I even understand the words. But how can I, my ears are mere bumps! Still, I must follow the notes.

My legs spring me up onto the sill, then over and out, tumbling into the planter. Looking up, way up, I see the tome lying open on the table. Nearby, a goblet drained of the nectar from the gods. Or was the nectar from him?

I see him, sitting on his throne of granite. He watches and waits but is it for me? I’m human aren’t I? Well, aren’t I? Why does a frog excite me so, this one above all. I must be losing my mind!!!

I pondered for what seemed an eternity, but the decision had been foretold in the tome. Hopping over to Frogue, I knew, he knew, this was right. This was destiny. And as Miss Martha says “ this is a good thing “.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pond

In honour of 100 postings, wowzers I sure didn't know I could ponder that much, well okies, I fib, I thought it would be fitting The Pond be recognized. Seems I've taken more photos of the creatures who live there then the actual site, hhmmmm. I'll have to ponder on that. Cheryl :)