Friday, October 29, 2010

The Forgotten One

I’m so cold
under the weight
of frozen earth
pressing down,
suffocating my soul.

Someone, please
release me
from this grave
of deathly darkness
where I don’t belong.

Let me feel
the Autumn sun
warm my face,
the crackle of leaves
under my feet.

Allow my soul
to dance again
in the sunshine
with my love,
someone, please
please release me…

Brrrrr, the forgotten one speaks as do others at Magpie Tales

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thru The Open Door

You leave your window open
wishing me to follow
though I wonder
which path thru the hollow.

My love, send me a note
where I might find you
or do you plead I follow
your heartbeats true.

Now, I hear you love
thru glade and over dale
to be with you once more
I shall not fail.

Written while looking out the open window at Magpie Tales. View other ponderous tales here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Most Dreaded Words

The three most dreaded words to a northern gardener this time of year are SEVERE FROST WARNING. Yikes! I do admit I’m pushing the limit keeping planters outside however the plants are blooming profusely this time of year. I want to coddle them, keep them safe and warm but I know the inevitable. And so it must end but not without one last fight!

Scurrying I remove the fuchsias from the pergola and bring them inside laying the three pots down on an old sheet I’ve spread out on the den floor leaving a path just wide enough to get to the pooter. Next are the two hanging begonias. The one on the veranda has withered a tad from the north wind but blooms are still graceful. The other one, this gorgeous Bonfire Begonia is huge! She measures a good 4’ around and at least 5’ in length with her tendrils still covered in blooms. This will take extra gentleness to bring her in without loss of limb. Tis best to place them on chairs where their tendrils will hang much like Rapunzels’ locks.

Now mustn’t forget the veranda planters so full of ever blooming, red wax begonias. I don’t want to lose them either because of their colour. Note to self: do not water planters before the possibility of moving since the weight of each planter has increased 300%. No wonder my shoulders are sore this night. Four 6’ planters now carried in and sitting safe in the back hall.

The square planters filled with beautiful begonias, coleus and gartenmeister fuchsias are left to last being the heaviest. These fuchsias are the Candy Cane variety and are red, white and green striped. Hhhmmm, I wonder if I can repot and over winter because they would look gorgeous during the Silly Season. Full of rain soaked soil, I lug and tug, push and pull these into the house. My living room is now filled with chilled planters. This makes me ponder what creatures will wake in the warmth of the house and say “hey, nice home, don’t mind if we stay the winter do you”. I can only imagine…

Saturday, October 09, 2010

On My Golden Pond

On my golden pond
crinkled leaves sail
gently teased
by the breeze,

Yellow, amber,
rust and red
upon the water
they do rest,

Til the wind
raises them up
tenderly twirling
to their bed,

On moss plump
from Autumns rain
provides soft landing
for the final colour of this day.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Magpie Tale of A Lantern

I see your face
reflected in the shade
seductively smiling at me
urging me to turn you on
bringer of light and warmth.

Shall I light your fire
and wait for you to fill me
with heat and substance
or would you prefer I freeze alone
in the forbidden darkness.

Daylight wanes and the house chills
on this Autumn night Lantern
what would you have me do…

Magpie Tale #34, The Lantern which may be found here.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Autumn pondering

though summers light wanes
will continue his song