Friday, October 29, 2010

The Forgotten One

I’m so cold
under the weight
of frozen earth
pressing down,
suffocating my soul.

Someone, please
release me
from this grave
of deathly darkness
where I don’t belong.

Let me feel
the Autumn sun
warm my face,
the crackle of leaves
under my feet.

Allow my soul
to dance again
in the sunshine
with my love,
someone, please
please release me…

Brrrrr, the forgotten one speaks as do others at Magpie Tales


  1. The final icy alone, so sad!

    Very good Magpie!

  2. nice. i hope i am not under there begging for release one day...that is mondo scary...but i would love to dance...smiles.

  3. That wd b so nice, if we cd all get a 2nd chance.

  4. I hope that's not how it's going to be! This reminds me of how I felt in the early days after my father's death - imagining his body lying in a mahogany coffin, six feet under.

    Only one of the reasons I've opted for cremation! It won't really matter because my soul will have gone - I hope!

    Nice read.

  5. chills! brr! but on second read, it also felt like a flower begging for release from winter! so it can be read in more than one way.. lovely magpie..

    My Magpie

  6. So sad and forlorn. Nicely done Cheryl.

  7. A nice take on a well-worn subject. It revives it! Excellently done.

  8. Thank you all for the comments. There something about walking thru an ole burying ground on a blustery night, pausing and wondering if the sounds you hear is actually the wind carrying their voices.

  9. The stone is too heavy, both literally and metaphorically. A workable poetic idea.

  10. Chilling, very apposite for the photo! A great poem Cheryl! :)

  11. Lucy, gravestones smother the soul needing release.

    Dan, thank you, it wrote itself ;)

  12. Don't be shy. I know you've popped by - you do ???

    Very interesting piece .. it can be read many ways

  13. damn, you can make us think with his words and his poem is even very serious because many people are actually trapped in their lives, I his home in a hole, in places that life without the glue and they do not want to know how to get out ....


Don't be shy. I know you've popped by :)