Thursday, October 30, 2008


(such a wasteful verb)
on family, friends, love
all the while
our own life
is on hold
Lessons learned
or so thought
yet we wait.
Do we wait
for that one moment
validating our existence?
Or do we wait
for we are afraid
the outcome
be not our dream…..

Annoyances II

As Halloween approaches tis time for another installment of annoyances. This time I will focus on Halloween :)

Orange plastic pumpkins. O come on parents don’t you remember the ghoul ole days going from hovel to hovel with pillowcases ! We all used them, dragging behind while we trudged home to spill the bounty onto the living room floor. Then making a mad dash for the next street in search of more goodies. I feel for munchkins today and make it a point to explain they are doing it so wrong ensuring their parents are in earshot. Hehehehehe

Halloween kisses, way beyond Best Before date. I’m sure 50% in the stores are leftovers once again hauled onto the shelves. Lordie, tis like chomping down on a Lego block which I’m sure they could be used when the box is short of them.

Funkins !!! Who in hades invented these? Okies I can understand whimpy city folk not understanding the sheer enjoyment of choosing a real pumpkin, gutting and carving their own BUT a Styrofoam pumpkin so it may be kept year after year ????? This is just not right folks. Boooooo

Store bought costumes. Hhmmmm where has imagination gone. Are sheets with 3 holes not sufficient? What about great aunties frilly pink prom dress, metal clothes hangers twisted and bent to be covered with a cast off slip for wings, stick with a tinfoil star on the end making an easy wand all to revamp your hellion into the perfect faerie. Plaid shirt with bandana, an ole straw hat, dads work boots make a good ole cowboy, or add a pink bandana for a cowgirl. The possibilities are endless when you raid the closet.

LED lit Jack O’ Lanterns. You need the real flicker of a flame to light the face and watch it slowly fade as the candle burns. Think of the thousands, no millions of used batteries tossed. Burn baby burn !

Dentists Treats. Geeeez, I put those in the same category as Weight Watchers pamphlets on Halloween. Let the munchkins eat all they want as it is one night, well if they are good Tricksters their treats may last a week, but a toothbrush ain’t that much fun. So parents will pay the price later, the night is for the kiddies after all.

White Shite. I’m not a fan of this seasonal phase but inches before Halloween? What happened to the crunch of leaves, wind tossing and twirling, whooshing them along with howls?

Enjoy Halloween and may the Trickster in you enjoy in its delight :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Haikus

blood torn, hacked fingers
mandolin trashed
chunky cheese will do

spirits rise in darkness
low growing trees
souls fall in splatters

Halloween kisses
temporary sweetness
on a blackened tongue

shrieks from the outhouse
goblins scurry laughing
pinecones replaced newspaper

bats, spiders, rats
smoke rises, nostrils twitch
Igor cooks tonight

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Slumber sings

Slumber sings
her nightly song
Tis tme to rest &
bid adieu to the day
Tomorrow the sun will shine
birds will sing
froggies may croak
as the rain has flooded their home
& they’ve popped up again, hehehe
Sleep well
Dream wonderfully
& know the world is just so alright

To quote the great Bill Withers
“ just one look at you and I know it’s going to be a lovely day “

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonnie voyage

Tis that time of year the creatures living at The Pond seek their Winter sleep. The weather has been chillier then most Octobers yet they have held on. Reading the Milk calendar from years past, o come on now don’t we all save them, the days are colder and they nodded off sooner. I am tickled to say not this year!

Thursday was the last time I saw one floating or more like hanging onto the fading Lotuses. He was a tad glassy, not just his eyes but his entire body as if he was fighting the chill. I should know better as this one, Fille, is use to warming up this time of year. As you see he is an Aussie froggie and we all know Spring has sprung down dere. Lucky buggas those maties be.

However I do believe he sent me a scripted message today. As I was doing the traditional headcount I noticed bubbles on the surface. Stepping in closer I watched them begin deep and float to the surface. Oooooo I pondered. Is this one taking a few last breaths before he swims to the safety of an Aussie Summer or is this Filles way of saying “I fart in your general direction” hardey har har.

Sleep well me froggie friends under your coverlet of thick leaves. I will see you in April when once more you will peep in the Spring and to Fille enjoy your Summer as we all envy you. Bonnie voyage matie :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In My Lovers' Arms

Gentleness in my lovers’ arms
tender, caring whispers
makes this heart warm.

Warmth in my lovers’ arms
wrapped from the chill
of the cold, damp dark.

Darkness in my lovers’ arms
while shadows sleep
til morn brings light.

Light in my lovers’ arms
the sun shines upon us
yet we seek shelter.

Shelter in my lovers’ arms
from worries and woes
as they flow to the sea forever lost

Lost in my lovers’ arms
away from this earth
we dance amongst stars laughing

Laughter in my lovers’ arms
at life filled with
joy, happiness, and love.

Love in my lovers’ arms
All is as should be…..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am Honoured

What a wonderful way to begin the day. I was reading some of my favourite Blogs and was astonished to find I had been given an Uber award. I said eh? logged off, brewed another pot of tea, wiped sleep from these eyes and checked it again. Yep there it was Ponderings From The Pond. Thank you so very much to a wonderful poet Robert at as I am truly honoured to receive this from you. Wow.

Okies I haven’t figgered out how to do the linkie thingie, you know the one where you hold your mouse over a word or words, click and magically you’re transported thru cyberspace to that website. I am trying folks and one of these days I will accomplish it ! Trust me I can be quite uummm headstrong which I blame on the redhair. Those who know me are saying “yeah hunhhh, a right persistent wee bugger she is” right now. :D

Tis been just over a year now when I created Ponderings from The Pond. Why the name you may ask? Well I built a pond a few years ago which has brought me such joy. I would send out emails describing the comings and goings changing the email From addie to…Princess of The Pond, hehehehe. More then one friend commented “I see the Princess has been pondering again”, O dat I had been :D So instead of those more often then naught late night emails I decided to join the Blog world where family and friends could read at their leisure.

Most of the ones I favour are thru Comments or the Bloggers choice. If I like the title I’ll visit, or a commentator sounds interesting, clickie clickie. People put so much of themselves into their Blog be it photos, stories, poetry, videos that I feel it has become a Techno Diary. Instead of writing Dear Diary then hiding the book under the mattress and the key in the running shoe (women will know what I write of, wink wink) we share our lives ensuring others and yes even ourselves are never alone in this life.

So in the essence of the Uber award I pass this to Speedy at who has welcomed me and puts up with some of me comments, hehehe Speedy San, and goes waaaaay beyond sane to create a fun and very interactive Blog. Thank you Eric :D

I give a heartfelt thank you to all who drop by. May me Ponderings bring a smile to your face and leave a giggle in your soul, Cheryl

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hunters Moon

Trees blocked your rising last night
though I smiled at your reflection
in The Pond as you shone.

Early morn there you were
as I walked searching
still casting your glow over my sleepy town.

Clouds attempted to dimmish you
but as a warrior, a hunter
you held them off with your gleaming armour.

I give thanks to you for waiting up
so as your journey was long
a sweet good night I bid thee.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jewels of The Season

Mother Nature bestows her Autumn jewels
citrone, rubies, tigers eye, amber, carnelian, citrine
yellow, reds, golds, browns of this season
replacing emeralds, turquoise, amethyst, malachite, jade
the greens, blues, purples of Summer.
This season I so enjoy for the warming colours
as they surround me, shelter me
from the oncoming barrenness of Winters
cold with gems of diamond, sapphire and crystal
til Spring pours her ewar of violet, pinks and crèmes.
One could say she dresses us in her splendid jewels
fitting of the season for she is a woman after all.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mmmm mmm mmmmmm

Mmmmm Thanksgiving weekend and I’m the DD, the designated desserter for the family get together. Wooooooo hoooooooooooo ! The fam knows me too well not to ask for I love to bake and may add I’m damn good at it. There’s something about finding that special recipe, just words on paper and creating something people enjoy which tickles me fancy. Tis relaxing, especially this day. Just moi, sunshine, warmth, glorious colours of the season, classical music and a yummy recipe which combined makes for a perfect afternoon.

I learned baking from me mum. O she was an awesome baker. Never hesitant to try new recipes, taking her time to experiment and then sharing her spoils. Mum had a devilish streak about her involving her recipes. One particular cookie recipe, Cherry Winks, was to die for. A friend who is a great baker in her own right asked for it. Sure me mum said with a glint in her eye. For years Judi tried and tried but just couldn’t replicate the yumminess. I happened to mention this and dear ole mum said with a smirk “ o dear I must not have given her the exact quantities” Hardey har har mum ! Years later I compared the recipe with Judi and o mumsie hadn’t. Hehehehe. I did surrender all to Judi and to this day she is a happy baker but will never be able to bake the same as mine. After all I am me mothers daughter.

The first attempt at baking pies from scratch was quite the adventure. Once again it was Thanksgiving and I wanted to bake the traditional Pumpkin pie. Well ! I’m going to make the pie shells from scratch too I said as they scoffed at me. The dare had been made. I’ll never forget that night. Lifelines of friends finally had me content with the shells. Now on to the filling. I will admit I used the good ole E.D. Smith as I just wasn’t in the mood to spend a Friday night gutting a pumpkin. Everything went so smoothly even I was surprised and popped the pies in the oven with a smile. Cleaning off the counter I noticed the bowl of eggs and thought hhmmmm why are they sitting there.

O O, and I scrambled for the mitts, yanked open the oven door and grabbed those two pies as if me life depended on their rescue. It wasn’t actually me life but it was me pride at stake. Gently removing the wee dough pumpkins from the tops, I scooped the filling back into the bowl thanking the heavens it hadn’t become too warm. Beat the eggs and mixed them in. Once again filled the shells, double checked the counter for wayward ingredients and content all were gone, popped them back into the oven.

I must say it was the best Pumpkin Pie ever eaten by the fam. They raved about the flaky crust, yummy filling and of course those wee dough pumpkins on top. Did I ever tell them ? Nahhh, no one was injured, gotten sick or died as a result of that production so I will allow them to continue believing I am one damn good baker. Hhmmm, time to recheck that counter ………