Thursday, October 30, 2008

Annoyances II

As Halloween approaches tis time for another installment of annoyances. This time I will focus on Halloween :)

Orange plastic pumpkins. O come on parents don’t you remember the ghoul ole days going from hovel to hovel with pillowcases ! We all used them, dragging behind while we trudged home to spill the bounty onto the living room floor. Then making a mad dash for the next street in search of more goodies. I feel for munchkins today and make it a point to explain they are doing it so wrong ensuring their parents are in earshot. Hehehehehe

Halloween kisses, way beyond Best Before date. I’m sure 50% in the stores are leftovers once again hauled onto the shelves. Lordie, tis like chomping down on a Lego block which I’m sure they could be used when the box is short of them.

Funkins !!! Who in hades invented these? Okies I can understand whimpy city folk not understanding the sheer enjoyment of choosing a real pumpkin, gutting and carving their own BUT a Styrofoam pumpkin so it may be kept year after year ????? This is just not right folks. Boooooo

Store bought costumes. Hhmmmm where has imagination gone. Are sheets with 3 holes not sufficient? What about great aunties frilly pink prom dress, metal clothes hangers twisted and bent to be covered with a cast off slip for wings, stick with a tinfoil star on the end making an easy wand all to revamp your hellion into the perfect faerie. Plaid shirt with bandana, an ole straw hat, dads work boots make a good ole cowboy, or add a pink bandana for a cowgirl. The possibilities are endless when you raid the closet.

LED lit Jack O’ Lanterns. You need the real flicker of a flame to light the face and watch it slowly fade as the candle burns. Think of the thousands, no millions of used batteries tossed. Burn baby burn !

Dentists Treats. Geeeez, I put those in the same category as Weight Watchers pamphlets on Halloween. Let the munchkins eat all they want as it is one night, well if they are good Tricksters their treats may last a week, but a toothbrush ain’t that much fun. So parents will pay the price later, the night is for the kiddies after all.

White Shite. I’m not a fan of this seasonal phase but inches before Halloween? What happened to the crunch of leaves, wind tossing and twirling, whooshing them along with howls?

Enjoy Halloween and may the Trickster in you enjoy in its delight :)

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