Friday, October 10, 2008

Mmmm mmm mmmmmm

Mmmmm Thanksgiving weekend and I’m the DD, the designated desserter for the family get together. Wooooooo hoooooooooooo ! The fam knows me too well not to ask for I love to bake and may add I’m damn good at it. There’s something about finding that special recipe, just words on paper and creating something people enjoy which tickles me fancy. Tis relaxing, especially this day. Just moi, sunshine, warmth, glorious colours of the season, classical music and a yummy recipe which combined makes for a perfect afternoon.

I learned baking from me mum. O she was an awesome baker. Never hesitant to try new recipes, taking her time to experiment and then sharing her spoils. Mum had a devilish streak about her involving her recipes. One particular cookie recipe, Cherry Winks, was to die for. A friend who is a great baker in her own right asked for it. Sure me mum said with a glint in her eye. For years Judi tried and tried but just couldn’t replicate the yumminess. I happened to mention this and dear ole mum said with a smirk “ o dear I must not have given her the exact quantities” Hardey har har mum ! Years later I compared the recipe with Judi and o mumsie hadn’t. Hehehehe. I did surrender all to Judi and to this day she is a happy baker but will never be able to bake the same as mine. After all I am me mothers daughter.

The first attempt at baking pies from scratch was quite the adventure. Once again it was Thanksgiving and I wanted to bake the traditional Pumpkin pie. Well ! I’m going to make the pie shells from scratch too I said as they scoffed at me. The dare had been made. I’ll never forget that night. Lifelines of friends finally had me content with the shells. Now on to the filling. I will admit I used the good ole E.D. Smith as I just wasn’t in the mood to spend a Friday night gutting a pumpkin. Everything went so smoothly even I was surprised and popped the pies in the oven with a smile. Cleaning off the counter I noticed the bowl of eggs and thought hhmmmm why are they sitting there.

O O, and I scrambled for the mitts, yanked open the oven door and grabbed those two pies as if me life depended on their rescue. It wasn’t actually me life but it was me pride at stake. Gently removing the wee dough pumpkins from the tops, I scooped the filling back into the bowl thanking the heavens it hadn’t become too warm. Beat the eggs and mixed them in. Once again filled the shells, double checked the counter for wayward ingredients and content all were gone, popped them back into the oven.

I must say it was the best Pumpkin Pie ever eaten by the fam. They raved about the flaky crust, yummy filling and of course those wee dough pumpkins on top. Did I ever tell them ? Nahhh, no one was injured, gotten sick or died as a result of that production so I will allow them to continue believing I am one damn good baker. Hhmmm, time to recheck that counter ………


  1. enjoy famuly and the occasion..:)

  2. I see you did eggsactly what was required!!!

    Sounds fantastic 8~)

    Hello from the Speedy Cat!


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