Saturday, March 16, 2013

Setting Sun

Setting sun
me shoulders
southern windows
with dirt
and fallen flakes
of snow.
Sun rays
til they find home
tissue and flesh
with beams
of light
endings of nerves.
of my lovers'
in the naked
of winter,
suffocating heat
to her marrow.
her bone.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Friday, March 01, 2013

It is Finished

It’s finished. Thank heavens! I’m tired of reading me own words over and over. A task I don’t recommend to anyone. Last year I decided to create a book of these ponderings, published and printed and to have a party in homage to the tenth birthday of The Pond. It didn’t happen. Unfortunately life got in the way. Those who know me know what “life” really means.

After a year of sorting, copying, pasting, sorting, editing, filling, emails with the printer, lots and I mean LOTS of pondering does this fit?; damn there’s one sentence beginning that page o shite! How many variations of a date can there be?, and ooooooo nooooo, there is such a blank space not to mention the “thru” instead of through noted by me editor. I won’t even mention the grammar function in Word, geeeez this is Canuckian language after all. After months and months of editing, italizing, centreing, I am finally pleased.

Soooooooo I was thinking as I’m want to do (insert whistling emotie here) I took it once step further and researched actual publishing. In Canada, applying for an ISBN is a sweet step. Just register at Collections Canada and voila! When you pay for the printing you are a publisher. I am a publisher! and so Macacia Press was born. This tome will be in the National Library of Canada and the mere thought of it humbles me but then I deserve this. For after all  when I’m long gone from this earth, others will read me ponderings and take delight in what one woman scribbled.

I’m giddy this night. It’s been a dream of mine to have me ponderings in one format, to give to my family and friends. That’s the goal, nothing more. There may be grammar errors, syntax errors, and so on but I don’t care. These are my words, my feelings, my photos and so they are a part of me. As the sun finds it bed so will I soft in the knowing all is well.