Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ghosts of the North

Listening to Robins herald Spring this day I think about the ghosts of the north. I first found them last October literally lolling about the day waiting for the freeze over in Hudson’s Bay. Finding their webcam, well not THEIRS, but of the locals, I was hooked line and sinker, and even accused of being a Polar Bear stalker!

I will admit if you were on me email list I did overload it with screenshots of “oooooooooo look! Mummie and cubbie, or if you’re online RIGHT NOW log in ‘cause they are cuddling!” I’m surprised they didn’t block me (insert rolling eyes emotie here). I won’t even discuss the calls to coworkers whispering “wanna see a polar bear” then having them rush into my office, oooing and awwwing at the delight.

A friend had his sons watching one afternoon and soon his entire block was watching. Just imagine young lads running from home to home banging on doors, excitedly yelling “the bears! The bears! Quick !!!!!” Even their school was logged in studying the ghosts of the north. These solitary creatures waiting for ice to form so they could travel to their northern home.

The last day I logged in, there was one mum leading her youngsters out onto the ice. Slowly they moved away from the cam, but her majesty took one look back and I felt she was saying goodbye. After that the cam went offline. I hope she’s living well and her family is thriving.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Between the Hedge Rows

Between the hedge rows
I see your beacon
my love doth shine
beaming for mine eyes,
these eyes in thine step,
over the eons
as you have followed mine

At last my love has found me
safe in your arms
I forever be yours
as true love has not bounds,
boundaries nor time,
whilst thou be mine my love
my Valentine between the rows of hedge…

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Music - Haiku

notes five seven five
play amongst strings on paper
the muse strums her song

flakes of snow white whirl
following the winds music
beckoning to dance

fingers gently play
a song of forgotten chords
memory recalls

a mind once restless
surrenders to the night song
harp chords bring it peace

sounds of night creatures
surround the silent listener
huddled in the dark

notes drift on the wind
my love sighs from a distance
I hear his music

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Friday, February 03, 2012

For Doreen - Haiku

ribbons of stardust
follow you leaving this life
sparkles in our hearts

colourful garden
planted over septic tank
scarlet geraniums

subtle hands entwined
62 years of love knots
one hand now alone

divine Christmas treats
baked with loving caring hands
shelf holds empty tins

your serene smiling face
welcoming friends and family
will forever remain

1925 - 2012