Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Drift - Haiku

o to be a frog
floating on summer breezes,
adrift in his thoughts

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Feed ME !!!

Early this month I found a broken blue eggshell in the garden. Thinking crows had been nest raiding I tossed it aside with a sigh, scanning branches for just one sign of life. It wasn't until the week past when they made their presence known with their soft squeaks from the treetops. Two young robins kept their parents searching from sun up to sun down for food.

After a few hours Saturday they finally accepted me in “their” domain planting this, pruning that, and digging up a bountiful feast while their parents watched from above. A flick of the wrist, a flutter of wings, and soon there would be a juicy worm dangling from a parents mouth while the chicks opened wide. A cacophony of FEED ME! NO FEED ME! 

One of them roosted on a branch over the pergola, watching me intently trying to blend in. It didn't fool me because I could still hear the squeaks and clucks from empty tummies. It was a busy day that began at sunrise and didn't end until after dark when the chickies were tucked in to their nest for a good nights sleep. I wonder when mum and dad find their own downtime.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Present - Haiku

celestial gift
of suspended peony,
flower full moon

Tonight the Flower Full Moon unfolds.
After this difficult and long winter 
it is truly a present being in the present
when earth awakes to offer us her bounty. 

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Ring - Haiku

whispers in the glen
entice dreamers to the dance,
faerie ring twinkles 

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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hellllooooooooooo Hellebores

At last! After years and years of buying, planting, and babying, the latest Hellebore’s have bloomed. I purchased three autumn past at a nursery clearance and came hell or high water, I was determined to see them in bloom this spring. They didn't let me down.

Mind you I coddled them like new born babes. Ensuring they had lots of water to begin the deep sleep with along with mounds of leaves and soil. The plants survived the horrendous winter which was a shocker to me after being buried by 4' of the white shite in the Celtic Circle.

When it finally melted, their leaves appeared sharp and green. I checked just about every day and finally spotted purplish buds tucked down in the centre of the leaf crown. Dancing about I tickled the tiny buds whispering words of encouragement. Or it may have been “bloom! Or off to the composters you go as I've had enough of your teasing!” Whichever tactic I used they listened.

This beauty is Winter Sunshine as are the other two. The specs states it's sterile, poor things, so me thinks I'll be replanting them all together this autumn to keep each other company. Now that I know they will bloom for me I'll be on the lookout for ones of yellows, and cremes. Maybe toss in a few apricots and pale pinks, for good measure. I have a feeling these won't be my last, o indeedie no they won't be.