Sunday, June 21, 2015

Escargot anyone

Last summer I found snails floating about The Pond. O how interesting I thought. I wasn't surprised because it rained every few days and the garden was under siege by slugs so why not snails in the water. Watching them float around was a bit of a treat.

The day came when I realized the duck rice had disappeared. Not a teeny tiny leaf was to be found. Hhmmm, a quick search and yep, they luvvvvvvvvvvv duck rice. So out they came. I couldn't bring meself to do the deed so a toss over the fence worked for me.

Yesterday I was sitting back relaxing and what to me wondering eyes did I see, not one but dozens of the bastards, errr, creatures, floating about. I grabbed a container, squirted dish soap in then filled with water. The battle had begun!

I scooped out dozens of all sizes sneering as they dropped to the bottom. I put too much time and money into finding pond plants that a mere snail wasn't going to beat me this year. Besides The Pond doesn't need “cleaners” because it's in shade and has always remained crystal clear. 

Today they still keep coming and coming and I am ever ready with container and scooper waiting to fish them out.   Escargot gone :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Feast of Blooms

Even though winter past was cold, brutally cold, and o so long, I can't remember when the flowering shrubs, Honeysuckle and Ruby Red Weigela, have bloomed so profusely. Their leaves are spot free; stems are sprouting from their trunks and their colours are vivid! So vivid they are bringing in hummers every day who are having a grand ole feast.

Each one has to have been planted at least 15 years ago and ever since they've hummed and hawed about their location. Both are tucked in to a corner, only receiving a hour or two of filtered sun a day; and subjected to bitter winter winds that blow through the garden. I swear it's like living in a wind tunnel when the wind blows.

I'm not a “grow or you go” gardener. I'm more a come on, you can do it, lets make Cheryl happy having given you a beautiful garden home to call your own. She doesn't use pesticides, herbicides, chemicals of any kind, only good ole home made compost mixed in with the sweet scent of shite. So perk up plants, take root and you'll be content as she.

early summer blooms
invite hummingbirds to feast,
nectar drips from tongue


Friday, June 05, 2015

I stare

I stand
at the patio door
staring out
while rain renews
the garden
yet I feel left out
much like Grade 7
when the all stars chose
friends to play on “their” side
and I was always left last,
little did they know I had a killer arm
and striked out the faves every time.
I never could run then but I was fierce
when it came to protecting my base
besides payback was grand at the time
yet many years on I still yearn to be outside
and run once again as I did back then
over well worn paths with the sun in my face
and hair flowing surrounded by the chorus
of morning summer bird song cheering
me on with not a care in the world
but those days are over,
cranky knees yell when pushed
and those solitary paths
are overrun with idiots
who won't allow
a soul peace,
and I continue
to stare...

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Barts' repose

Saturday past it was 95F in the shade.  Hot and humid.  I walked outside and spied Bart taking a breather on the fence.  Normally he scoots up a tree when he sees me but not this time.  The poor guy was done in.  He laid there staring back at me with a "whatevvvvvverrrr" look.  But is it any wonder, he's the silly one still wearing his winter coat.

Sharing this with Nature Notes at the awesome Rambling Woods.  

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Strawberry Full Moon - Haiku

across the garden
the crimson sunset reflects
strawberry full moon