Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where Are You ???

O dear Spring where are you? I miss you. Ole man Winter has been harsh and holds on. His bloody white shite remains 7' high at the front of me home and is sure to be there into June. The suns rays slowing melt the latest snow but o so much ice remains.

I tire of this dreary landscape Spring. The whiteness blinds all causing downcast eyes with barely a glance up when greeted with a hello. Sigh.

I want, I need to feel the warm earth under me feet, to splash in the puddles, to uncover the tiny green sprigs of the world awakening. To slowly pull back wet worn leaves and find tiny tips of twolips, daffies, crocusi is one of the purest joys I know. For this is life, Spring!

I rest assured the froggies are fast asleep under a 4' cover of snow. Though I ponder will they be stirring soon? Early April The Pond is drained reviving them for the year though this year I fear not. I already miss them and their hijinks, the call of the springpeepers assuring all is well.

Already the Robins have returned warbling your return. Spring, do come soon...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

White Shite

What a Winter it has been. Record snowfall one day then rain then freezing temps all in a week. Mother Nature is pizzed.
This brings me to the subject of snow or unfondly refered to as "white shite".
Looking out the window today I saw a mix, flurries, sugar snow and fluffies. There are so many types of snow who would have thunk.
Me faves are the fluffies very similiar to sugar snow but the fluffies fall all thru out the season. Huge, white, multi layered in formation. As a child I would stand with mouth wide open, eyes wide shut and tongue stuck out waiting for their landing. Truth be known, to this day I revert to childhood stopping the shovelling to bask in the moment.
Flurries are an ugly snow. The air is white with the tiny flakes, hardley a bother but can and do amount to a significant dump as it's called here. They fall as the tide ebbs and flows
Mmmmmm sugar snow. That is the fluffy which falls this time of year. A harbinger to Spring and maple sylurp time. One rejoices knowing Spring isn't far away.