Saturday, August 25, 2012

Holy Hosta

A few of my Hostas that have weathered the drought quite nicely mind you my water bill will attest to that.
Though for those with high defo monitors is to never trust a gardener with clean fingernails    : )

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Green - Haiku

cedars frosted tips
ice coats branches of forest green
melting sun reveals life

emeralds shimmer
amongst the gold wedding band
my heart be taken

moss so plump and soft
a midsummers rain renewed
life in my garden

hazel eyes glimmer
streaks of gold in the sunlight
sparkles for my love

fern fronds sway in breeze
cast subtle patterns of green
in summers low light

shadows of green hues
entice a weary body
to rest this warm day

glass mosaic orbs
pulsate as sun disappears
iridescent greens

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