Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I should have understood the sign...

I should have understood the sign. An amaryllis potted in late November is blooming NOW. It is mid April and the white shite still falls. Shovels had to be hauled from the shed while patio furniture was stowed in it for the third time this month.

Scilla and crocuses are buried just as they began to bloom. They will return, at least the scilla will, as should the twolips and daffies that had pushed their way to life. But the weather like most things is something we can't control so for now we go with the flow even if it's the non-flow of ice floating on The Pond.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Sugar Snow

Spring is fighting old man Winter
and she is loosing thus far, however...

Early April and ground still frozen,
spring buds caught in a strangle hold
their life on hold during the battle.
This aft snow fell, a sugar snow,
conjoined flakes, fat and wide,
blew onto earth, spreading their girth
while I stood with arms spread wide,
head tilted backwards and savoured
the sugar snow as it fell to earth
knowing this was the last offense
and soon, very soon, my toes
will dig into warm, sweet earth...