Friday, November 19, 2021


For days I felt the shift,

the calling of Novembers Full Moon,

the Snow Moon and its eclipse.

My body woke at 4:10 am

arms reached to open blinds

and there it was, 3/4’s hidden

in a crisp clear sky, stars sparkling.

I stood gazing in amazement that

at last I was a part of this celestial event.

One only our spirits will see

in the next turning many years from now.

By 7:00 am only 1/4 was hidden.

I was still watching the un-blinding.

Blessings was all I could whisper.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

the season has begun...

chests dragged from the basement

lids released to reveal years of collecting

ornaments celebrating the turn

The season has begun...

festive collars of greenery, red and gold glass

woven with lights and metallic gold ribbons

are hung around sculptural deer heads

their antlers dripping with ice-cycles and moss

collection of trees, spruce and pine cones,

green and gold glass, carved woods

are placed on top of cabinets, window sills

in every nook and silent corner

gently wrapped in paper are creatures

squirrels, bears, owls, cardinals

brought to life in feathers, fur and paper

eyes and wings sparkle with jewels

tin sleighs, wagons, and other toys

gaily painted in red and greenery

all bedecked with springs of holly

memories of childhood winters

elves, o my beloved glass elves

collected with care, love and memories

those with trowels, those with sacks of gold

an Irish harp, all shimmering in candle light

dining table is layered with cut-work lace

another layer of celtic symbols and metallic’s

comfort the nest of bejewelled goose tureen

garlanded with greenery, red leaves, silver dollars

The season has begun...

Friday, November 12, 2021

autumn texture - haiku


foliage colours

and form compresses in light

texture wanes, sun fades

Friday, November 05, 2021

bitten - haiku


frost bitten flora

succumbs to Jacks chilling touch

while strong sun reflects