Monday, July 27, 2009

Lights of The Night

The brush of darkness
paints shadows in the garden.

Stars not seen in weeks
remain hidden amongst clouds.

Needing reassurance this night
these eyes search for a sign.

A spark high in the maple tree
draws me eyes upwards.

Smiling I glance about
High, low, to the left, to the right.

There you are Light of the Night
I found you, faith now restored.

Fond childhood memories of hot summer nights following these wee creatures flood me mind. Over fences, thru hedges, never knowing where next they would sparkle and always amazed when their wee bums would light up just for us. “Find me, if you can” they signaled and we did for hours. To this day I search for them and when I see that sparkle I rest assured knowing other munchkins are playing Hide and Seek with the Lights of the Night.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soggy Bottom

Suppose to be Summer with sunshine and heat but Mother Nature changed her mind. Every day I catch meself singing, “rain, rain, go away, come again another day”. Though the landscape is lush, gardens are suffering. Begonias molding, Lantanas fading, Maples rotting and aphids thrive. Ugggghhh.

As I puttered about in the garden between showers I spotted o so familiar footie prints in the damp soil. Tracking them thru wavering ferns, around large leafed hostas, I finally found their owner. He was curled up on a bed of moss, soft and plump from the rain sheltered under the ole Lilac.

Not wanting to disturb him I stepped back and huddled in amongst the Princes Feather. I sat what seemed like an eternity and waited watching his chest rising and falling with every breath. The poor wee soul was tired. His trousers worn, shirt was torn as if he had run for his life thru a raspberry patch. Scratches on his arms and face showed he did his best defending himself from whatever the hunter was. But now he was safe and I believed he knew it.

I became occupied swatting at skidders. Those blood sucking monsters that thrive in this climate even though I remind the froggies daily it is their duty to invite them to supper. Note to self: follow up with a memo. Me eyes may be failing but these ears will never and they perked as a faint ummmm reached them.

Glancing around to focus on the wee creature I smiled. He was stretching and sitting straight up, his eyes soaking in the surroundings.

“Well hello there” I softly spoke.

He blinked, his weathered face furrowing deeper.

“Tis ok, you’re safe here, there’s no need to worry”

Still looking about he mumbled something I’m not quite sure of but I did understand the affection. He was confused, scared and abit out of sorts. His eyes darted from me to the trees, back to me and then to the garden growth.

“Hmmmm, you haven’t a name we both understand but I shall call you Soggy Bottom. You’ve been lying on the damp moss long enough you’re quite soaked thru and needless to say your bottom is rather soggy.”

Did he agree ? That I don’t know for as soon as the words were out of me mouth he was up, and running. Droplets flying from his clothes as he scurried thru the Monarda, grabbing onto the Honeysuckle vine and up and over the fence.

I sighed but after a wee bit of pondering it grew into a smile. Soggy Bottom will return and he will meet Twinkle Bottom who no doubt will show him how to sparkle. After all two bottoms are better then none :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Following you, following me

Following you, following me
thru long grass we run
leaving down trodden paths
so we may never lose each other

Following me, following you
hearts beating as one
as our lives intertwine
with each other

Following you, following me
your sky, my sky
azure blue et brilliant sun
warming each other

Following me, following you
darkness twinkles her lights
illuminating our sky
shining on each other

Following you, following me
forever and a day
there is peace within our souls
knowing we are each other