Friday, January 18, 2008

Seeing It's Friday

Many years ago I administered donations for me employer, mostly gift baskets filled with wonderous scented soaps, lotions and potions. A local affair requested one be filled for a weekend do. Having created the basket I set about finding the requestee. And here the story begins.
I phoned the contact but "seeing it's Friday" she had the day off. "Do you have her home phone number" I asked. After ringing and ringing I phoned the shoppe again.
Well "seeing it's Friday" her hubby should be home however he may be out haying as it was that time of year, the weather had been perfect and it was, well, ummm Friday. No answer from hubby.
Ringing the local Municipal Hall I found out the hubby may have gone to town "seeing it's Friday". Yes, everyone here knows everyones business. Knowing a few of the locals I phoned the Beer Store as Mike knows everything and everyone. What did I say about local living.
Hhmmm, "seeing it's Friday, Mike is working in the other town". Okies, I took a few minutes off the phone to sit back and laugh.
Contacting Mike in the other town and after explaining me problem he said "seeing it's Friday" Cecil will be at the local boot shop gabbing with the lads.
A thank you and a quick dial I was informed "seeing it's Friday" Cecil should have been here but it's a good day to hay and he was here yesterday.
Arrrghhhhhh, I said bugger dis as I was on a time line and The Pond was calling so rang the shoppe again. His wifiepoo was there for a visit and I explained the last 45 minutes of me life. She laughed, I laughed and the basket was finally picked up.
So "seeing it's Friday" I shall relax and laugh too :)
P.S. we never did find out where Cecil was that "seeing it's Friday"