Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Was It ?

For The Inferno's Midsummer Night's Dream theme. Such a lovely topic which I thorougly enjoyed.

Awake before dawn, Gwendolyn dressed not stopping for breakfast. The air was cool and a refreshing breeze blew thru the garden. Perfect for keeping the skidders away she said to no one but herself. All windows were opened wide and out she bounded thru the French door to her oasis, her Eden, The Pond.

Time flew as it does when one sinks themselves into their passion. Lunch had come and gone, and nearing the supper hour Gwendolyn succumbed to the rumbling in her tummy. Feet as brown as peat moss, dirt encased fingernails and sweat soaking her shirt she sat down. Just for a wee rest before cleaning up Gwendolyn thought.

The warmth of the day relaxed her body and as her eyelids fluttered she faintly heard the soft peep of Firth. He was the first of the frogs who found themselves drawn to The Pond this year. Smaller then most but he was the first and therefore deserved to be named.

Gwendolyn fought the feeling to stay awake for natures’ nightlights soon to appear but she was weary. Closing her eyes for the last time she let herself drift to sleep, perchance to dream...

“Take my hand
one such fair of face
we journey forth
to the most secret place.

A magical place
where dreams are made
on this midsummer night
our lives will be laid.

Lay with me in the mossy fen
sheltered by ash and oak
enchantment will surround us
nary a word may be spoke.

Accept from the damsel flies
their offering of honeysuckle so sweet
its nectar will bring visions
of wonderment so complete.

See the orbs flickering in the evening mist
gathering round the fire so bright
look closely and you will see
pixies, elves, even wayward trolls this night.

Come dance with me fair of face
leave the world of your being
whilst I place upon you a floral crown
only you know its meaning.

Of wild roses, irises and valerian
their fragrances as sweet as thee
in hues of pink, yellow and purple
as vibrant as our life I doth see.

The faerie folk await you fair of face
don the ladyslippers at your feet
take hold the wings of dragonflies
allow ourselves too meet.

In the fen amongst friends
we will dance and laugh and sing
this midsummer night
in the magical faerie ring.”

Gwendolyn woke to the soft pinging of natures’ nightlights floating thru the trees. Shaking her head, she wondered what brought on that dream! She knew she usually dreamed after a full tummy but hers hadn’t been fed all day.

Stretching, she rose and felt something drop to the ground from her head. Gwendolyn picked up one of her favourite flowers. Inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of valerian she looked around knowing full well her own had not made it thru a nasty winter 3 years ago.

Spying Firth sitting on his rock, she walked over to look him in the eyes and gasped at what was in his mouth. Why is he holding a sprig of valerian and why do I suddenly hear Ravel’s Bolero? Firth winked at Gwendolyn and then she knew that was not just a dream on this midsummer night.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Addiction

I have a serious addiction. Yes I admit it has taken a toll on me. My hands shake and saliva runs every week waiting for my fix. No more I said this morning and ventured forth to deal with it head on.

I visited 3 local garden centres, what? again? you ask? Yes, again. But but but, the sales are on I reasoned with meself, and there are a few holes in the new Celtic Circle garden that well ummm need filling.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in healing they say. Hhmmm just who are “they” and have they ever experienced the joy in finding that perfect Hosta? Golden in colour edged in white it will brighten up that spot over there. Of course it will ! I know it will.

The last centre is having a super sale on perennials and yes I came home with a few, well okies, more then a few. They are an investment after all and will multiply yearly. That is good enough for me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have told the garden centre manager, “if you see me here again this year, bar me, boot me, send me home” because I know this weeks sale of 25% off will be 50% next week. Now you're talking !!!