Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tree - Haiku

stalwart ancient oaks
guardians of the forest
strength through the eons

willows enchantment
beckons goddesses of moon
safety amongst leaves

paper thin birch bark
wrapped around skeleton
canoe skims surface

sweet sugar maple
fountain of gold elixir
syrups aroma

olive grown from twig
splinters from strike of lightning
my heart and eyes weep

vibrant green cypress
softened branches in repose
vision of homage

a carpet of moss
wraps itself over a stump
majesty now past

once stately elm
created a street alee
landscape is barren

ever so soft pine
boughs replenish empty pots
winter greenery

acacia fragrance
wafts enticingly in air
bumbles buzz in joy

along lumber trail
blackened spruce limbs spear grey sky
home to night creatures

rowan tree of life
witches wand seek souls to purge
branches flame of red

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sepia - Haiku

autumns noonday sun
awash in sepia tones
grasses in the marsh