Saturday, January 25, 2014

I want...

I want...

to see brilliance of green again,
faint to bright, the colour of life
in my garden, my Eden, my solace.

to inhale fragrance again,
sweetness of peony, lilac and twolips
colours of purple, mauve, pink and violet.

to feel warm earth again,
under bare feet and through callused hands
worms turning creating organic aroma.

to giggle again,
of a butterfly resting from its journey
while it rests on my outstretched hands.

to walk through nurseries again,
eyes wide gazing at beauty soon to be mine
giving them a home where their life brings joy.

to be outside at night again,
seeking stars in the heavens and fireflies
on a sultry summer eve, me and my dreams.

to nourish seedlings again,
tickling their leaves and providing substance
when their radiance glows in the garden.

to survive the heat again,
emitting from reds of fuchsias and begonias
radiating in the hot summers breeze.

to open windows wide again,
allowing fresh air to flow throughout the home
while I inhale deeply of life renewed.

to encourage life again,
freeing frogs from their winters sleep
so I may provide them a safe refuge.

to enjoy yellow again,
from daffies to wax bells
summers sun shines on the soul.

to putter about again,
planting this, transplanting that
painting with plants in the landscape.

to surround myself with beauty again,
soaking in colours and life renewing my soul
from this deep winter sleep.

I want to feel again...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Follow the path

ride in the Snow Queens wake
my love,
her sleigh will carve your path
through this storm of wicked winds

follow her luminescence
my love,
her soul will light your path
from the darkness of fading light

trust in the Snow Queens heart
my love,
her warmth will shelter your path
during winters snowy tantrum

follow the path my love
follow the path

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grimace - Haiku

his puckered lips spewed
black hearted verbal venom
ice cooled his onslaught

ice cooled his onslaught
as he dressed for the game
jockstrap frozen tight

jockstrap frozen tight
reflexes sharp as glass shards
hat trick wins the cup

Je suis Canadien eh :)

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ode to Thaw

Thaw by a wonderful artist  Elisabetta Trevisan with the Toadies.

let me lay upon warm earth and feel
its life revive my winter hardened soul,
while you
warm the waters where I will splash
my restless feet in The Pond,
allow me to inhale the nectar,
with windows wide open, of air so pure,
as I joyfully
replace snow shovels with trowels and rakes
that I may turn over and enrich the soil,
thawing this iced and cold landscape
where I may walk barefoot once more,
giggling when
tickling these ears with the sweet song
of spring peepers singing from the marshes,
senses enticed with your sensuous fragrances
from the garden with its bounty of flora,
weaving a garland
of crocus, snowdrops and ivy plaited in my golden hair,
all the while
Marjan Mozetich's “Affairs of The Heart”
wafts on the breeze, enlightening my own heart.

come quickly, I yearn for thee...Thaw

Winter mist - Tanka

Along row of hedge
mist rises off ice and snow,
dampness permeates.
Trees, skeleton umbrellas
providing scant protection

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hidden - Tanka

hidden corner grows
Japanese grass and maple
 subdued colours lit,
nurtured by delicate hands
thrive without effort in shade