Friday, January 31, 2020

Month end - Haiku

three days balancing,
such time wasted when five years
past, ink will have faded

A different subject from traditional haiku but this week has been nasty. O Calgon take me away and let me create again. We put such burden on ourselves to have a balanced month end but in reality, will it matter in five years. I doubt that but I continue to push myself to have those cells neatly fill themselves and smile when the pluses equate to the negatives.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Canvas - Haiku

another weekend
smothered in white shite and ice
lends to ponderings

ponderings in paint
white banished from the canvas
while I swirled pigments

pigments born from earth
green, cream, auburn, gold and grey
relive gardens life

Friday, January 17, 2020

Encrusted - Haiku

free flowing water
in a snow encrusted creek
carves own formation 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Bitter north winds blow

Bitter north winds blow
scattering the cloak of clouds,
revealing night skies
gown of cosmic crystals

Hhmmm, I could have written a more ethereal verse but for the phone calls.

A quiet night with Celtic radio turned low, wrapped in warm clothes and a steaming nutty tea. Soon after curling into my favourite chair it was evident there would be no peace from outside disturbances.

First off Det. Michael Cooper from CRA warning me I was about to be arrested for a “compromised number”. After his pre-recorded threats outlining the penalties of not calling his number and providing government issued ID, he had the gaul to wish me a *blessed day*. Seriously? How do people fall for such a scam.

After the blue air cleared from cursing I settled once more and not 20 minutes later, the phone rang. ~sigh~ Who knows someone may have passed so I answered with *speak! * Laughter on the other end saying “having a bad day” drew me back to earth. He knows me too well.

So I will revisit this missive and have another go once my head has cleared.