Friday, January 10, 2020

Bitter north winds blow

Bitter north winds blow
scattering the cloak of clouds,
revealing night skies
gown of cosmic crystals

Hhmmm, I could have written a more ethereal verse but for the phone calls.

A quiet night with Celtic radio turned low, wrapped in warm clothes and a steaming nutty tea. Soon after curling into my favourite chair it was evident there would be no peace from outside disturbances.

First off Det. Michael Cooper from CRA warning me I was about to be arrested for a “compromised number”. After his pre-recorded threats outlining the penalties of not calling his number and providing government issued ID, he had the gaul to wish me a *blessed day*. Seriously? How do people fall for such a scam.

After the blue air cleared from cursing I settled once more and not 20 minutes later, the phone rang. ~sigh~ Who knows someone may have passed so I answered with *speak! * Laughter on the other end saying “having a bad day” drew me back to earth. He knows me too well.

So I will revisit this missive and have another go once my head has cleared.

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