Friday, January 28, 2011

Come dance with me...

our reflections in the lake
shimmer silently beneath us
as we step lightly
gliding, laughing, twirling
over the crashing waves,
now settle into ripples
from our strength
calming the stormy waters
into a languid pool
serene and at peace.

Come dance with me…

My dear friend introduced me to a beautiful song When You Taught Me How To Dance. Thank you Sean

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ode to The Wolf Moon

From the nearby woods
I listen to my clan howling
over the river, to the family
seeking shelter as morning nears
safe and protected from the day.

The run with kin over the snow
has ended, they leave me
exhausted and shivering,
their fur unknown to this body,
and I look to the east.

Thru naked and gnarled limbs
of oak, walnut and maple
your morning rays shine
stroking warmth into my flesh
chilled from a long January night.

I welcome you this morn
O wolf moon shining full
upon this icy landscape
barren, void of colour and life
until your rays penetrate my soul.

Warm me, I beg you
wrap your rays around my body
infuse my being with your heat
while I reveal in your life source
once again becoming myself.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celestial - Haiku

Mother Natures’ night lights
illuminates the path of life
on my journey thru the woods

Walk with me while I
give to you celestial wonders
that beat within my heart

Glimmering star fields
provides welcoming
lanterns to the traveler

Dearest of my heart
look for me shining upon you
brightening your soul

This frosty wintery night
one’s breath whispers to the stars
keep him safe with your glow

Celestial offerings for Haiku Heights

Friday, January 07, 2011

Do you see...

Do you see the dance of snow flakes
sheltered and safe in the frosted sacred glen
sparkling amongst snow laden boughs
curtsying and bowing to each other
whilst laughing throughout the night.

Do you see the wee wild creatures
and their dance steps of frivolity and finesse
illuminated by the waning moon so soft and fine
keeping in wondrous tune with the snow flakes
as they laugh throughout the night.

Do you see this pondering soul
answering the call of shimmering snow flakes
she light of heart and step and warm with delight
surrendering as she happens upon this magical site
at peace she will laugh throughout the night.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Blessing

I was somewhat chuffed when I read a comment on Charity – Haiku from Elise, The Everyday Goddess. Her Goddess Award is very heartfelt. Thank you Elise.

This left me to ponder. While I’m no Goddess except to the creatures in The Pond who address me as Princess, well except for Fang though his crankiness is inbred, it says something about the blogging community. So many folks interconnecting and writing about their lives, their gardens, their art, thoughts and dreams, but mostly their worlds and how a few words from the heart affect people.

Bloggers have warm souls allowing us to share good and bad times and will even pop by every once and awhile during a dry spell if only to say “Hellloooo ????” That usually brings a darno, I’ve neglected Ponderings and my friends. Well, not so much neglected but life gets in the way at times, arrghhh.

I’ve the pleasure to contribute to Magpie Tales and Haiku Heights and I must say the welcoming at both sites is unique, encouraging and filled with souls who write for the sake of expression. Thank you for providing the prompts and allowing us these forums. Not only to participate, but to read and join other like minded folks. Tis always a treat delving into another’s thoughts. ;)

To Speedy and Eric at Ruminations, you’ve both been with me the longest and I cherish your friendship. Truly. To Rogue, well ya know, merci dere hey. To everyone else spread over this earth from Aussieland, to India, to Europe, the UK and North America, thank you for your friendship.

Before I get sappy and I can, o indeedie I can, I wish everyone, participants, hosts, followers and commenter’s the healthiest and safest New Year. May it be filled with dreams come true and happiness that knows no bounds. I look forward to reading your ponderings one and all.

Goddess of The Pond