Saturday, June 18, 2016

Baby watch 2016

Tis been awhile.. watching.the babies grow...  It has become a daily check as I leave and return as their nest is over the side door.    Even the neighbour takes care watching out for the parents.

It was a Monday when I left for work and two were standing on the edge. I thought, hhmmm should I grab the camera, then left. Shame on me as they were leaving the nest.  
Soon after I saw one in the apple tree, happy as one can be.  Mind you mum was busy in the garden showing the young ones how to choose dinner. 

Thinking they had all left the nest and carried on
last week I discovered mum had returned...

Two broods in one year!  I am thrilled.  Usually one attempt is enough but this year it seems most birds are having multiply layings.  The weather is off and on, from drought to torrential rains and cold temps but they endure.   It has amazed me how quickly they grow up and carry on with life.  Mother nature at her best.  

I feel privileged that the robins have chosen my home to build a nest and raise their babies.