Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sounds of Autumn

Such a blustery day here. A winters warning blowing the summer sails to and fro, tossing landed leaves onto the ground. The crunching of dried leaves alert me ears. Rockii has returned for one last feast at The Pond. Twinkles are turned on and I spy his black eyes peering back at me. Scoot you! I shout but him being him gives he an "eh" look and disappears into the darkness. Only the soft russle betrays his footsteps. Chickadees swoop in flocks, searching for seeds, with their "chick a dee dee dees" song floating about. Followed by the "ping" of Northern Juncos not yet wearing their winter coat. Cardinals soon follow with sharp notes staking their winter feeding ground. Such brillance they wear and well blended into Autumns cloak of many hues. Those naughty squirrels, plump from a good nut harvest, scurry about hiding their harvest and rearranging the bulbs, with a hearty scattering of leaves. Light footsteps on the street kicking leaves reminds me of the days of leaf forts. O such sweet memories. We weren't content with any ole fort, o noooo, me being the quasi architect had to build floor plans! Leaves were raked into lines not piles, "this is the living room, over here are the bedrooms". O what fun we had. To this day I still kick leaves, enjoying the sounds of Autumn.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heaven Wept

Heaven wept today. A day of storms and Autumn colours shrouded in mist. I knew something was amiss. My friend lost her battle this Thanksgiving. A day of thanks. This I ponder deeply, silently mourning. A woman who lived life to its fullest is now a memory. These memories I shall cherish and give thanks for having her in mine. Rest softly Liz, I shall miss you.