Saturday, February 04, 2012

Music - Haiku

notes five seven five
play amongst strings on paper
the muse strums her song

flakes of snow white whirl
following the winds music
beckoning to dance

fingers gently play
a song of forgotten chords
memory recalls

a mind once restless
surrenders to the night song
harp chords bring it peace

sounds of night creatures
surround the silent listener
huddled in the dark

notes drift on the wind
my love sighs from a distance
I hear his music

For more music please visit Haiku Heights


  1. I like the first best, for it compares a haiku to music.

    All are so vivid, my friend. Each offering a different image. This is beautiful in brilliance.

  2. I loved them all! Each can stand alone wonderfully, but five is my favorite. :-)

    p.s. obviously doesn't like word press. :-) Word verification never works using wordpress I.D., works just fine with name/url though.

  3. The first is my favorite ... and the last one is romantic ~~ well done!

  4. Thank you so much MMT, coming from you I am honoured.

  5. Leo, your comments made me smile, and the pleasure is all mine to participant.

  6. Cap'n, ahoy, a rememberance of summer nights that can't come soon enough! Merci, and I'll fix dat sign in thingie :)

  7. Thank you becca, I'm a romantic at heart ;)

  8. Tours des Force; the last my fave. Salute!

  9. loved the snowflakes - great imagery. And the last verse is beautiful too. thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. I so enjoyed this. So soft,gentle and lyrical

  11. I've always found haiku lyrical Tiger, it was a great prompt. Thanks you :)


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