Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He Returns.....

The first day of Autumn fades into darkness. Night air is chilly and silent…almost. These ears hear scratches along wood, rocks tumbling landing with thuds followed by rustling. I tense. No it can’t be, not again. I wait.

There it is ! A different scratch only closer. I silently ask me self, are the windows closed ? doors shut ? Pinkie charged ? Not wanting to be seen thru the open blinds I rise, moving slowly to turn off the light.

Grasping the flashlight I sneak over to the window and flick it on and out into the darkness. Ever so quietly a head appears and the highbeam lights up the night. His eyes burn red staring directly at me.

I dash for my weapon of choice, load it then crank open the window. Taking aim, he’s frozen in the flashlights beam. Slowly I squeeze the trigger yet does not find its target.

I swear he laughs at me and my Super Soaker guaranteed to shoot water 20’. Looks like Rockii has eaten well this Summer returning to the composters for scraps. He climbs out and with a snicker, onto the fence and into the trees.

I laugh. Tomorrow the distance between home and composters will be measured. Odd though, I still feel the need to double check the windows and doors...


  1. Tipp if you puta little compressed air in the canister along with the greatly reduces deflection,narrows the stream and adds some can knock that scally wag off his feet..:)))

    one of the benefits of a mispent youth...:))))))

  2. hehehehehehe, he and the whole famdamily I'm sure :)


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