Friday, September 05, 2008

This Fine Day

This Fine Day sun shines hot upon the land. Gustav's wind has reached me bending trees, twisting leaves. I sit and ponder the garden....

While shaded the soil is rock hard, dried from too many tree roots sucking moisture. I spy wee hostas amongst the hedge asking for a better home. Lattice oblesik has lost some latt or is that latti ? and requires repair. Daylilies droop begging for separation from years of growing on top of themselves. Pots are dry from the wind. Mound of compost under wrap as in a crime scene awaits spreading. Walnuts need to be gathered before the bloody black squirrels, aka Black Barts, play landscaper. Indoor plants outdoors should be bathed before being brought indoors from outdoors, whew. Watching the froggies I note to meself, learn how to use the movie feature in the digi so I can bore me friends with "home" movies. The Walnut tree branch rubbing on the pergola makes such a squeak, that I shall keep.

So much to do in this lovely weather. However I shall ponder these while waiting for the Chardonnay to chill on this fine day :D


  1. for you it's Chardonay..for me it is jack daniels...procrastination in a bottle...:))

  2. Jack Daniels is nice; but due to the screaming hot temps outside today, I shall stick to beer. Mother Nature has come at us with a vengeance. I dread what surprises she has in store for us this winter. Aww, Canada,, ya gotta love it!

  3. Pergola pergola ... i'm riding my gondola ... and drinking my chardin aye away!!

    Hope the plants make successful transition :-)

    Did the chillin get finished??

    Hi from SpeedyCat 8~)


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