Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Haikus

blood torn, hacked fingers
mandolin trashed
chunky cheese will do

spirits rise in darkness
low growing trees
souls fall in splatters

Halloween kisses
temporary sweetness
on a blackened tongue

shrieks from the outhouse
goblins scurry laughing
pinecones replaced newspaper

bats, spiders, rats
smoke rises, nostrils twitch
Igor cooks tonight


  1. Now that was very inventive!

    here is mine ...

    candy fever, getting a buzz
    Bag is Empty
    sugar and cocoa treats

    I appear upon the streets
    hunger for the bestest
    bang bang bang on your door
    OPEN up and give me my candy!

    I finally posted the award ... thanks again,

  2. hehehe, i like these ! you are so welcome Speedy :D


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