Saturday, November 09, 2019

Choir in the Hood

After two days of monsoon rain
neighbours exited their homes
into brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Soon after, those who sat out the rain,
staring out windows, watching the blizzard of leaves,
stood tall with one of the most annoying
contraptions ever invented...
the leaf blower.

Surrounded by the most gawd awful whirrr
I inserted ear plugs and grabbed a rake.
Humming, if only to drown out the noise ,
I wondered why? You rake, and pick up
those fallen so why not enjoy the zen.

After hours of listening my ears ache, my teeth ache.
And I'm two house away from the nearest Blower Baron.
I can't imagine what their heads feel like.

Perhaps I'll don my miners light and rake
under the moonlight in the still and quietness
of becoming one with autumns fallen.

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