Friday, July 02, 2010

Embrace Me Summer Breeze

Embrace me summer breeze
wrap me in your tendrils lifting me up
so I may tiptoe amongst clouds
to soothe these weary feet.

Embrace me summer breeze
float me over the kaleidoscopic landscape
of poppy fields red, lavender hedges
and sunflowers kissed by the sun.

Embrace me summer breeze
twirl me in swaying lush treetops
that I may sing to the nestlings
a lullaby hushed and sweet.

Embrace me summer breeze
let me slide over a rainbow
surrounding myself in its colours
vibrant and exotic as saris.

Embrace me summer breeze
cool this exhausted body
from a sweltering day
caressing me into sleep from the heat.

Embrace me summer breeze
give me wings so I may
kiss the man in the moon
for illuminating the path all these years.

Embrace me summer breeze
Embrace me…

Another wee ditty written for The Inferno.


  1. Hi Cheryl, this is such a wonderful poem. There is a place we used to visit as children, just a patch of grass and tree covered wasteland with an enormous pond in the middle. For some reason your poem brought those days and that place back so vividly. Thank you. Delightful work.

  2. Thank you Ray, I hope you revisit that pond. :)

  3. I just love the summer breezes, not just for their cooling effects. For the content of which they carry. They dreams of many that have been whispered on the winds. Carried to far off places and shared with those who have an ear to the cool summer breeze.

  4. O you've captured them just so Eric. I have a fondness for smooth jazz in the garden and this is so fitting.


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