Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Cold Evil Makes Its Way

Day quickly hides,
as night wakes early
enveloping the earth
under a cloak of blackness
warning us of the onslaught.

Trees quake and shiver,
their armour shed
leaving spear like branches
to fend off the intruder
as its warriors draw near.

Sun loses her brilliance,
subtly drawing a veil
over her rays to protect herself
while withdrawing south
no longer having a battles strength .

Leaves coiled in deaths grasp,
once vibrant colours
faded become shattered
skeletons of their former life
left to seep into the earth.

Brilliant flora now broken,
and bitter from the lick
of a frozen tongue
crumbles into dust
leaving outlines on the ground.

Indentations in the grass,
hardened icy steps
prove its existence
marching to the field
where warmth and cold battle.

Something wicked this way comes,
we become a frozen landscape
while nature locked in such forlornness
leaves one to seek refuge
til natures strength is renewed.

I wrote this for the Something Wicked This Way Comes challenge at The Inferno. Do pop on over to read ponderings from a wonderful group of writers. And if me coding is up to scratch you can click The Inferno and poof away ye go.


  1. "Trees quake and shiver"--- hmmmmm, lately, I have been (literally) wading under the quake and shiver of shedding Autumn trees. You capture the cold season beautifully.

  2. Cath ! Tis so good to hear from you. Autumn is a gorgeous season but a sad one as well. Thank you! Cheryl


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