Saturday, August 01, 2009

I shoulda

I shoulda dusted & vacuumed today
instead I held the door open for the dust bunnies escape.

I shoulda brought pallet and paints to the patio
instead I painted me toenails.

I shoulda listened to music today
instead I heard the summers breeze blowing thru the trees.

I shoulda weeded & deadheaded the beds
instead I wondered at their growth and colour.

I shoulda mowed the grass today
instead I moussed and curled me hair.

I shoulda fed the flowering baskets
instead I delighted with Chickadeedeedees feeding their young uns.

I shoulda emailed friends today
instead I turned the pooter off and wrote.

I shoulda swept the patio
instead I tossed fallen petals into The Pond.

I shoulda called me love today
instead I let him be knowing he too enjoyed the warmth and sun.

I shoulda scrubbed the bathroom
instead I laughed at the frogs playing in their own.

I shoulda done the laundry today
instead I watched a squirrel sleep on the clothesline tree.

I shoulda cut a bouquet from the garden
instead I bought carnations of yellow, gold and red.

I shoulda, shoulda and shoulda today
instead I was just with me……….


  1. I do so love your "Instead's". They are far more fun and interesting than the "Shoulda's"

  2. Isn't it the truth Eric, we need to take more time for ourselves and today I did !
    :) Cheryl

  3. 'Shoulda' is there to be ignored. The more often the merrier ...
    June in Oz

  4. My new resolution June :)Cheryl

  5. hmmm ... sounds nice! What we should do every now and again :-)

  6. Indeeeedie doooo Speeeeeedy :)

  7. Greeting fair writer, poet, artist of written word!

    We, the Charlatans of the digital seas, are a community of artists and writers, and have been watching you! We have recently acquired a new vessel, by means best not spoken of. Fit and proper she is, well structured and ready for long voyages. While we have some crew who have err volunteered, we are needing new crew of your known talent. The vessel is The Inferno, and the crew a select few hand picked by us, the Mountain Pirate, and the Mistress Kitty, Master of the ship.

    The Inferno, will be sailing under the flag of The Artists Challenge and Dante’s Pub. She’ll be ready for unimaginable adventure and challenge, soon to cast off. We’re in search of rich plunder of all types, poetry, short stories, and of course works of visual art. We have our own tavern, with a private back room, for conversation and good cheer. Membership is free, that’s right, won’t cost you a pence. We are very selective, can’t let just any vagabond in… but we choose you!

    So come along, join this wandering group if charlatans of literature and art. Beware of the Pub Wench, keep the booze hidden from Wench Sonya, and pay no mind to the bantering about the mysterious plank.

  8. I'm soooooooo there Eric, thanks muchly for the invite, Cheryl

  9. "I turned the pooter off and wrote."

    People can still do that? There's no law about it?

  10. Not that I've heard Snowbrush ;)

  11. This is what I would like to do more often. But I do that all the time already; therefore, I can't "shoulda" anymore, right? Hee, hee.

    By the way, I came here by way of The Inferno blog site. I enjoyed your post there also.


  12. Welcome to The Pond Tasha, ooo I'm so jealous of your shoulda time. :) Thanks for dropping by. The Inferno is how shall I say a hot time in the Blogsphere :D Cheryl


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