Friday, June 20, 2008

Serenity Now !

What is it with men and motors.....I ask you. Tis a balmy Friday eve and the hummmm, the rrrrrmmmm, of lawn mowers attack the calm summer breeze like those pesky squitos hone in on ones ankles. Friday night is a night of peace after the work week in my book. But oooo nooooooo the men of the neighbourhood just have to get out to outdo each other with decibal levels.

First off is me back neighbour, having fun with his new electric mower. Just once I'd like to see him mowing in the rain or ooopppsies run over the cord. Wouldn't that be a shocking end to his weekly runnings.

Next up is his neighbour, two yards down from me. Now he hasn't an electric mover just your average John Deere, built for speed but it somehow doesn't quite fit on his lot. Never the less he gives it all he has shifting into and out of gears and me ears still ache.

Across the street from them is the absolute horror, a mufferless mower! She has no excuse such as working during the day except on the golf course. Yep, she's one of the area's bestest. Why o why does she feel the need to run that annoying monster just as everyone is dining outside? If I won the lotto my first expense would be to buy her a mower with a fuggen muffler.

On the other side is a dear ole soul nearly 80 and putters about. Her son mows and of course without nothing better to do, starts up the old whacker. His is so loud he needs to wear earmuffs. Can you not do this in the morn when people are at work ? Mind you this is the same son who mows his own lawn 1/4" high then puts the water sprinkler on it during the sunniest part of the day. Me thinks I should have a wee chat with him.

As for me.............I'm getting a goat :D



  2. Oooooooo, a home movie eh, :D


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