Saturday, June 07, 2008


O the trials and tribulations of logging in. "your username and password aren't recognized" So I try again. Hhmmmmm, same thing. I run to the pot and grab the nailfile, thinking this may do it. Tis not easy typing in the dark on a wappie with a goblet by yerside :D, hehehehe. Clip clip snip snip, well now I see abit of blood on the keyboard. Me thinks I snipped toooo much. At least I've logged in. Whew! Now what do I write, hhmmmmm, ponderings come at a certain stage and I'm not dere yet. O what the hell, yes I am. Lets see annoyances come to mind. We all have them. Mine are few so I will share.

That phone call in the middle of dinner, “ Ahoy, I’m Captain Rick and I’m inviting you to sail the seven seas with me “ Of course there’s a bloody boat horn blasting in the background. For only $4500.00 I too can enjoy a cruise in the (pick one), Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska coast, etc etc etc. All I need to do is “press 1” and have ready my credit card number. Aha! Little does Captain Rick know I can’t press 1. So I calmly yell “stuff it out yer blowhole” and slam the phone up. Ahhh, dats bettah

Neighbours who insist on mowing their lawn at supper time every Saturday never mind that it hasn’t grown in months. Geeeeeeeez, come on will ya. Your other neighbours are trying to enjoy their meal outside without the drone of your mufflerless mower!

Drivers who insist on picking their noses in traffic. Gawd, someone is always watching so puhhhhleasssssssssssssse if you have the need to pick, DO NOT take a look at your findings. You won’t find gold.

Those stoooooopid kiddie shopping carts. Made for the younguns so they too can become mindless consumers just like their parents. The least the manufacturers could do is install a rubber bumper on the front to lessen the blows to unsuspecting shoppers ankles.

Minivan mums. Need I say more.

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