Friday, May 30, 2008

This Warm Spring Night

This warm Spring night I walk alone. It calms the mind. Rain gently falls not quite soaking the walker but hhmmmmm, shall I say, dampening her. I look up and allow drops to softly wash this face. The scent of lilacs sweeten the aire. Overpowering at times but o so welcomed this night. Even under the black veil, the whites glistening causes one to stop and breathe in their perfume. A brief reprieve from a hectic day.


  1. Walking in the rain?
    Are you mad woman??!!
    Is you car broken?
    Does NOT,the pizza get delivered?

    What is it with woman and walking?
    Do they know not,that God invented
    the Motor Car for all man-kind?
    (And not just for the clever)

    Sheep walk in the rain...
    Cows walk in the rain...
    Crikey woman...even bloody cats don't go out in the rain!

    Walking in the rain...
    The Men in White Coats have been phoned. :o)

  2. Still,,ya bugger,,,try walking hand in hand in soft summer rain,,,or run,dashing the big drops ,,,there's a song 'laughing in the rain',,,so true,,,and eh,,I want a slice of the pizza hon,lolol,,

  3. Now you want me to run??
    In the rain, run?

    Only madmen laugh in the rain.
    Only the insane laugh AND walk in the rain.

    Try sitting in a pub with the fire raging, sipping a fine red wine while the clouds above show their anger.
    Then,and only then, ask me to walk in the rain....the answer will still be...Are you mad woman?

  4. That has been said by moi though I prefer the word eccentric. Mind you a pub and red wine while 50cms of the white shite falls does sound like heaven :D


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