Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Spring Pondering

The sun, she shines so brightly
Swaddling the earth with her warmth.

Daffies frilly smiles of yellow, crème, peach
Cause all to glance and smile.

Violets, sweet violets with soft purple petals
Spread their joy throughout the beds.

Scillias as blue as the sky
Now spent, preparing for next springs dance.

Bumblebees large as loonies,
Call on colourful blooms with their spring greeting.

Fiddleheads slowly unfurl,
Ferns lazily reach to the sun.

Forget-Me-Nots, the most cheerful
Replenish memories of those never forgotten.

Purest of white flowers surrounded in lovers arms,
This Bloodroot bleeds red when disturbed.

Waterbugs skidder on The Pond
Their helter skelter movements disturb the reflection

Twolips sway in the breeze
Their colour brings life to my world.

Yes! Spring has sprung !

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  1. ty flower fairy, i love reading ya ponderings,,,


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