Friday, May 02, 2008

Duck !!!

Mmmmm, was a lovely morn, sipping tea on the patio gazing out over the early Spring fleurs. The neighbourhood was silent as no one had begun to stir. Ever tuned into the avian arrivals this time of year I creaked me neck hearing this one particular call. Looking up I followed their descent and landing into the ole maple.

I rubbed these eyes hoping to loosen the sleep that sometimes remains and looked again. Yep, ducks, I had ducks in the maple tree. A gorgeous pair of Mallards. He of course was vibrant in his colours and she, well, was wearing a rather drab feather coat. Who ever said females are clothes horses certainly haven't eyed their fashion in the animal world. Ughhhh

I watched with wonderment this pair holding on for dear life. As most know ducks have webbed feets making it a tad difficult to land on anything non-flat let alone tree branches. They sat or should I say stood and pondered at their plight. Feeling I could make this a "Kodak" moment I slowly slide out of me throne. Too late, they saw me and flew the coop so to say. Damn! who is going to believe me !!!

Relating the event to a co-worker who is a bit of a naturalist his response was "ok, what were you smoking!" Ehhhh? "ducks don't land in trees ya know". Well, I was incensed! "Uh Hunh, they may not in your neck of the woods but at The Pond, well it has its moments" was me response.

I was a bit saddened when they flew off as the thought of raising a brood of ducklings, errrr, THEY raising a brood of ducklings at The Pond would have been such a treat. Maybe next year they will stay awhile longer. Though I will say, I ain't dressing in camoflauge for no one, man nor beastie.

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