Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sounds of Spring

Yes ! She arrived and not a moment too soon. The Winter was long and hard and truth be known I wasn't sure she would spring forth til July. The ole girl didn't let me down.

Ahhhh the sounds of Spring are a wonder to these ears. The first sign is the Geese flying in that o so familiar V pulling Spring back to the northern climate. I look up once hearing their call, smile and say "welcome back" for their return.

The spring peepers are out in full battalion. After all a group of frogs is called an army, go figger. Their gentle peeep peeeep peeeeeeep echoes from the river. The song soothes the soul and we know all is well.

The birds, o my, are busy grasping at grass, yarn, whatever would make good nest material. I hear the oooo ooooo oooo's of the doves, and after seeing them I know it isn't just their song. Naughty, naughty birdies.

Munchkins are out bouncing basketballs and those diehard hockey fans smacking the sticks on the road way past lights out. The sound isn't deadened by the feet of white shite nor the shut windows.

Neighbours take the time to speak to one another not wrapped up in so much wool making chat an effort. Not to mention the mind numbing cold which caused us to give a quick nod and rush to the warmth of the home.

Early morn walkies are shared with Robins waking and singing "good morn" to all who pass by before the dawn.

Ahhhhhh, the sounds of Spring makes one believe there is life after all......

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