Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace, love and laughter

The Christmas Tree
bathed in gold
shimmers as hands
hang beloved ornaments
of glass, silk and paper
watched over by an
inherited Angel slightly
worn but ever cherished
while the wreath wrapped
in cones, nuts and ribbons
still sparkling after the years
adorns the wooden door
guarding the fragile garland
surrounding the rusted obelisk
this day now brought to life
in evergreens, artemisia,
and plump hydrangeas
which lovingly overlooks
the red candled wreath
upon the candelabra
shining with sun beaten beads
of red and silver stars
all enjoyed by family and friends
anxiously waiting, warm inside
with tummies hungry
for Christmas cookies.

May you all find peace, love and laughter this season
but most of all may these feelings last with you throughout the year.



  1. Thanks Cheryl..A Merry Christmas to You! My wish in the form of a series of haikus is placed on my page.. do have a look! God bless!

  2. Wonderful Ramesh, I love them !

  3. Lovely, Cheryl! and thank you for the Christmas greeting you left on my blog - happy holidays to you and a prosperous new year!

  4. This poem resonates for all of us - very beautiful Cheryl. Happy 2011 to you as well.
    June in Oz

  5. Junnnnnnnnnnnne :) so good to see you ! All the best !!!!

    and to you Jingle :)


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