Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twinkle & Soggy Bottom Together Again

I sit motionless on the throne. Well not quite a regal throne with hand carved creatures and flourishes but the best this Princess of The Pond has. Feet up, cool goblet, light breeze blowing thru the garden and a good days work done. Tis time to ponder, ponder the nattering these ears heard this morn, reflect and smile.

I had finished scraping moss off the side walkway, been an awfully damp summer so far, and took the over flowing pail to the rear bed. This bed is under planting having dug up all grass and transplanted Periwinkle, Lemon Pennywort, Ivy and other such groundcovers Tis a very shady area under the ole maple tree. Perfect for a hide away.

Clearing a spot around the copper kettle I knelt with pail and trowel. Gently removing each clump I set about placing them just so then tenderly pushing them into the ground to take root. With all this rain I knew they would grow together very soon providing a soft, plump carpet for whichever creature came to rest upon.

Always having the ears of an owl I stopped tendering when voices were heard. Glancing around I saw no one, then continued. Hhhhhmmm, there it tis again I thought, very soft voices barely audible. Keep working I said to meself, just maybe you’ll find the source of the voices.

Continuing to poke and plant I gave up, and said “ I hear you, ya know “.

Silence, as the nattering ceased.

“ There’s no need to worry, I can’t quite make out your words so continue on with your conversaton. “

Still silence, so I decided to break the ice.

“ Let me introduce meself, I am Miss Moss, creator of this forest. This is me home and you're welcome to rest, though who might you be ? “

After a few minutes, waiting for any type of response and hearing none, I resigned meself to having the last words.

“ Fine ! Be like that! If you don’t wish to reply then so be it. However you’re being very rude so if you don’t mind just bugger off elsewhere or I’ll let the neighbours cat who is quite the cunning hunter have free reign of the garden ! “

The next sound heard was rustling from a pile of dried leaves along the fence.

“ Did you hear that Twinkle ? She’s going to let that mangy cross eyed cat roam here! What shall we do? “

“ Soggy! Shhhhhhh, she’ll hear you. “

“ But, but, but, I don’t care Twinkle you know how it hunts. We’ve seen the carcasses. I don’t want to end up like them !!! “

“ Let me think Soggy, hush up ! “

“ Twinkle, she looks harmless and is minding her own business. Never once did she complain about the orbs we plucked out of the pond and threw into the beds. “

“ I know Soggy, I know, but do you see how she wields that trowel, she scares me. “

Soggy? Did I hear the name of Soggy ? I’m sure I did. I’m going to ask and wait for a response. This way I’ll know for sure.

“ I still hear you two. I’m not deaf. By the way Soggy, how’s that bottom of yours? Dried up has it ? “

“ O my Twinkle, she knows, she knows me! What will we do ? ”

“ Hush! “

Remembering a lovely Spring night I took a chance………

“ Twinkle? Is that you with Soggy ? Man o man, I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you doing? I’ve missed your sparkles Twinkle. Why do I think you two know each other ? “

I sat back grinning, while their silence spoke volumes. Twinkle and Soggy had finally found each other and I couldn’t be happier.


  1. Brought a smile to my face... :)

  2. Stay tuned for more adventures of The Bottom Brothers Cath, hehehe

  3. Well, well, well. There's a lot more to your ponderings than I ever imagined, Cheryl. This is wonderful. Lead me to previous Twinkle and Soggy Bottom stuff please. I sense a series of illustrations coming on. Such fun it'll be.
    And Early Winter Morn? So beautiful and evocative. You have a rare gift.

  4. Awwwww thank you Ray. If you want to read the beginnings of Twinkle and Soggy Bottom look to the right -----> then up -----^ for the Adventures of Twinkle and Soggy, The Bottom Brothers, then click on either one. Hope you enjoy ! We'll talk :D


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