Sunday, August 22, 2010

Affectionate Anarchy or How I Hate to Need you

I hate my dependency on you
always fighting the need
to have you in my daily life,
craving your darkness to make me whole
because of my paleness without you.

You promise lasting lushness and length
whispering full bodied volume
for all who are tempted
to believe in you, but after
one night you disappear into the air.

Tears leave my cheeks
streaked with drops of charcoal,
while a circus clown stares back at me
yet you declare yourself waterproof,
Hah! none have proven themselves so.

Now you tease me with shades
of blues, greens and plums;
with your gems, your feathers and glitter
leave those for the young
with flights of fancy in their eyes.

With mouth wide open
I twirl you closer and closer
up, over and down, defining myself
wondering if you’ll be the one
to transform me into a CoverGirl.

Written for The Inferno’s theme Affectionate Anarchy. What can I say but I’m a pale one and those ads make my eyes roll. Mascara indeed! I see the false eyelashes, o yes I do.

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