Saturday, January 03, 2015

Winter Haiku

alabaster marble
under a blanket of snow,
the final resting

filaments of flakes
form cords of frozen crystals,
shimmers in street lights

hedge with snow laden
branches, sags under the weight,
home to resting doves

dried hydrangea heads
wear their winter tuques of white,
tassels of new flakes

full Wolf Moons halo
calls to me through closed shutters,
I become restless

cardinal of red
silhouetted in feeder,
twilights sepia

one foot of white shite
and counting this frigid night,
drapes drawn til morn light   ;)


  1. Love this! Especially the last one :)

    1. Thank you Casey and I hear you on the last one !

  2. That is wonderful.... I get to watch CTV being close to Canada, but I couldn't access the video.... I love The Nature of Things...

    1. O shoot Michelle, the video is worth seeking out. Let me ponder on your plight ;)


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